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Tamiya Modeling Wax - is it good?

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Any of you fellows have experience with the Tamiya Modeling wax. I'm planning to get a bottle to polish my 1/12 F50 ;-) . Any feed back welcome :?:

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never heard about it
sounds like Tamiya is getting in a business with high profits.
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Does it look like a cement paste :? If so I saw some at a local shop here and he was using it clean and polish his models on display. I didn't catch the name of it as when he told me the price I was too busy tying my track shoes up to in preparation of running away. :zi: $55 a bottle, a very small bottle.
Yes, Tamiya Modelling Wax comes in a very small ( and expensive - around US$20 at the local model shop ) bottle & looks like cement paste. It is supposed to be non-abrasive, and while I have never tried it out on an actual model, I have used it on occasion to polish out the scuffed surfaces on my 1:43 models' perspex covers.
It's non abrasive since there is no paint residue on the cloth after application. And they provide the applicator too ! I've used it on all my models, and it is great. Highly recommended !
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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