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Tenjo Tenge Epoch statues!

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The Epochs are beautiful. :nicejob

Thanks for sharing them with us Gary. :cheers

Too bad about the one by Shueisha, otherwise it's a pretty accurate & faithful replica of the original garage kit by T's System.
thanks Souky! It's always nice to share with other geeks :lol

I'm wondering if there's any way to fix that annoying mold line....

I forgot to mention, the bases of the Epoch combine together to make the words "Tenjo Tenge". It's pretty cooooool... you gotta get yourself some of these :D
Those outfits are toit like a toiger, yes yes yes :tongue
Not much you can do. You'd have to fill & repaint the whole model. Spot painting on figurines is next to impossible to achieve. As a matter a fact, I haven't met any artist that could pull it off.
looks like we got an anime figure assault on DX, keep em comin

nice figurines :cheers

are these the equivalent of AUTOart's in the figurine industry? :lol
ARGH Just as I thought... The problem is, the line is right on the shoulder. One of the Rei figures I have has its molding line around her elbow, so I can just use tape to simulate a "band" of some sort on her hand... but this...
Thanks Road Warrior! :cheers

Ya, they're about the equivalent of AUTOart's in the cold-cast industry. The only company that I know of (and only have ONE of :cry) that's better than Epoch is Volks. Volks also does the "I'm gonna screw the collectors by doing a super small production run of each figure, thereby ensuring the prices are sky high". One of the Volks G-taste figures (which I REALLY REALLY want), just went for 220+USD. And that one wasn't even the most popular ones (!)
i saw these ANA figures yesterday, i really like them, but the price of the complete set will cost me an AUTOart car....ouch...
ANA? Is this an anime? Those figure look like all the ladies are stewardesses? Does the set come with the plane? Gary MUST KNOWWWWWW!!!! :giggle

I can probably get this at a decent price from my anime store guy... hope it's not still AUTOart priced :cry
haha..no, they are not from an anime. its a collection of figurines with the entire uniform from past to present. dun think it includes the plane though, but i guess if ur a plane guy, this wld be a cool collection to have.
which airline is it? ANA.... Hmmm.... Taht's pretty cool. But I can't believe they changed uniforms so much!?
ANA. All Nippon Air
yeap, those are the uniforms from the start of the airline till present.
i think from 1955-2005

thanks for the link, Mockingbird! (It's Louis right?)

Dangit, now I want it, and I won't be able to get them... Most Japanese sites wouldn't even answer my emails when I ask them stuff :cry

I emailed Volks like 5 times... zero answers :(
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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