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Testing my skills at photography

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Im trying different lighting effects and angles and so on. I just got this one as well. Its my latest model. It is the reincarnation of my first diecast which got destroyed. Same color and model (approx).

Enjoy. :cheers
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The sun down effect. I like this one because of the rims.
The second picture has kind of a neat effect on it. The background on the first picture looks excellent.
Thanks MacLaren F1 Guy and allanmodel! :cheers
I think I like the top one more but they are both good :phaty
They're way cool! :cheers

And you know what?... I've just picked up a yellow bg myself!

See? Great minds think a like. :happy
The choice of the yellow BG for the first one is astounding! Great contrast with the car! The second looks like the car went to a night club. I tripped on invisible acid just looking at it! :lol

Sweet car, bro! Congratulations! :cheers
Thanks Getter 3 and Speedfiend! :cheers

Cant wait to see how your use of the yellow BG will come out!
Looks good I like the first one more. Great car :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers
Both look :cool1! Well done CX! :nicejob :nicejob
Both look good. I like the effect in the second one. How did you do it? :cheers
Thanks Max Power, Dennis, boedan430, Kurt, and RichardM! :cheers
Both look good. I like the effect in the second one. How did you do it?
I have a desk lamp that has a semi-transparent blue housing and it shines light onto the model and the back of it shines blue light that is reflected from the wall and reaches the model. This gives is a blue effect. Plus I let less light into the room I mainly use natural daylight.
I love the 1st one, but if you could compromise between them, It'd be a huge winner.

Great contrast between red and yellow BTW.

Thanks Roadtrip :cheers
:iagree I like both of them! :giggle :cheers
Thanks FGT :cheers
I just had to add this one in.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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