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That Kimi of course is a Minichamp products. The main difference between Minichamps and Hot Wheels of Kimi figurine are (which I spotted):

1. The helmet made by Hot Wheels is more accurate than Minichamp. Please note that Kimi's helmet is not round.

2. Minichamps figurine on Kimi is more realistic as with the folding suits he wears but if you compare to Hot Wheels, Hot Wheels make it looks like Fatty Kimi and the suits looks like there's an air inside or like a space suits :giggle

3. Minichamps again makes it more better with a HANS but Hot Wheels ignore this.

I get their signature (Alonso & Fisichella) during earlier this year in Malaysia when they were having a press conference in Kuala Lumpur organised by Mild Seven.

By the way, how to stack those thumbnails pics in a neat way?
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