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Its present time again between me and my gf :giggle

And guess what she got me?

Yep, you are 100% right... a diecast! :lol Its the fourth car she has given me... a good sign of what is to come.... :happy

This model has been on my radar for a long long long loooonnngg time! The car looks divine and its one of the best value for money around.

Its a Maisto and its none other than... THE 1999 R8R :yahoo :yahoo :yahoo

Sorry just one pic for today cause its late here. More pics tomorrow!

And for the record, I did give her these :giggle

Now, just one Maisto still on my radar, and you probably all know which one it is....

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Congrats on your R8R after your long search! :nicejob :nicejob That was really cool of your GF to give you that. When you get a chance, maybe you could post some pics of its engine bay alongside with an R8's. I really have no idea of what similarities/differences there are.

BTW, nice present to your GF too. :wink Nicely done.

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Congrats to you both Bern for giving and receiving those presents.
I think you did best :giggle
Great GF you have there :cheers

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Thanks all! I really like the fact that she is accepting really well my hobby and what I collect. I already got 2 AAs and 2 Maistos :happy

Here are some better pics of this car.... I like these two pics best...

Here are some more pics

Hope you like them. I certainly do :danbana

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Congrats Burn! :cheers

Such a nice gift from your gf!

But seriously, I think between the R8R and the bears on a swing, I'd pick the bears .... *gets nutkicked by manhood* :help :lol
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