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The Audi Group

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All 6 of them.
I sure hope they make some more!
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Sweetness!!! :tongue
That's really nice Jeff! I've never seen shots of the full set before!

Dude! You got the R8R and the Croc! :tongue
very nice models :coolpics
Yes, I emailed Maisto quite a bit telling them to make more.

Champion Audi
-2004 ALMS champs, 2005 LeMans winner, etc, etc

Veloqx Audi
-2004 Sebring winner, particapated in 2004 LeMans

Goh Audi
-2004 LeMans winner

Oreca Playstation2 GT4 Audi
-2005 LeMans participant

Yellow bodied Yoest Audi
Gulf sponsored Audi
etc, etc, etc
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I only have the 2001 winner.
Plan to get the 2000 & 2002 winners and the Croc and maybe the 1999.

All look great Jeff
Great group shot!!! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob
Argh! You're killing me Jeff! :pullhair I need my #8 then I can post my own pictures! :ranting
That lovely last picture is very reminiscent of the 'old' traditional Le Mans start :nicejob
Great shot Jeff. I've got the same ones and unfortunately Maisto is not planning on doing anymore as per the reply i received 2 weeks ago when I asked.

Which BTW, really sux! :pullhair :ranting
Fantastic Jeff! Just the right stimulus to trigger another 'complete the set' fever. :giggle I love when this happens.
Nice group Jeff. I wish Maisto would do the Champion Audi team cars.
Don't we all, don't we all! I'd love to have all the cars I listed above. Maisto has the expensive part done (the mold), can't see why they won't release some more.

Like I've said before guys, all we can do is bug them!! I do.

Email, snail mail, or call Maisto. Let them know what the consumers want!



[email protected] (Maisto Customer Service)

Maisto International, Inc.
7751 Cherry Avenue
Fontana, CA 92336
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:coolpics Jeff.

A great collection you have there.

Do you have any of the Minichamps ones in 1:43 scale? I have the 1-2-3 Le Mans set from 2000? plus the croc car and Gulf in 1:32 slot cars scale. They are great on the track too..... :eek:k

Thanks for the photo's....


I had the 2000 or 2001 (can't remember) in 1:43 but it has retired to Canada. :giggle
In the interest of more space, I have been clearing out cars that I own in more than one scale.
Sweetness indeed! :nicejob :cheers

You guys know why Jeff hopes for more?

So he could stage a racing accident and set a few on fire...

Jeff's a hammer swingin' pyromaniac. Why do you think he calls himself "MAXPOWER"?

Think about it.

Do you mean like this? :giggle
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