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I'm hooked on these little guys. And after seeing the movie, I just have to get them all. They're all diecast metal and around 1:55, a bit bigger then a 1:64 Hot Wheels or MB, and have a pretty nice detail level. Being on the small scale all models are sealed (with the exception of Mack). I want to collect them all, and the series will consist of around 26 models. Here's the complete list:
  • 1. Sarge
    2. Lizzie
    3. Nitroade
    4. Leakless
    5. Green Ramone
    6. Blue Dinoco Lightning McQueen
    7. Stanley
    8. Red
    9. Chick Hicks
    10. Filmore
    11. King
    12. Sheriff
    13. Wingo
    14. Sally
    15. Flo
    16. Ramone
    17. Luigi
    18. Guido
    19. Tractor
    20. Boost
    21. Snot
    22. Doc Hudson
    23. DJ
    24. Mater
    25. Rust-eze Red Lightning McQueen
    26. Mack
I intend to have them all, and everytime I get a new one I'll post it here (in red are the models already reviewed). :cheers

Edit - 11/26/06
With the release of the DVD in November, a second series of diecasts was introduced (so far I'm aware of 9 new cars):
  • 1. Cruizin' McQueen
    2. Radiator Springs McQueen
    3. Dirt track McQueen
    4. Brand new Mater (blue)
    5. Fabulous Hudson Hornet
    6. Yellow Ramone
    7. Ham
    8. Buzz
    9. Woody
For those of you familiar with Pixar movies, the last three are representation (as cars) of some of the characters of Toy Story 1 & 2.

7,424 Posts

Mack is a 1985 Mack Super Liner and McQueen's trusted driver. The model is mostly made of plastic, and the only one with opening features:

The back of the truck opens up and you have access to McQueen's personal room, with big plasma screen, car wash, exercise machine, kitchen and bed. :giggle
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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