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The Elusive Black UT '78 Stingray

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HA HA! Success at last! After trying to bag this sucker twice, CX finally nailed it for me about a month ago. I've seen these go as high as $85! :scared The good news is that I got MINE for $46! :danbana

Special thanks goes out to CollectorX! :cheers :cheers :cheers

This thing has so many good angles to shoot from I could've been snappin' pics all night. This is, by far, the best Corvette body style ever! :mine So many curves wrapping so much muscle and brute force. :tongue

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A big congrats on nailing this beauty down. :nicejob

Let me know if you ever decide to part ways with it :lol

Rare and beautiful all in the same breath. :tongue
Thanks, DX! :cheers

You said right - rare and beautiful. :tongue

Something tells me it will stay with me for a while, but if it and I ever have creative differences, you'll be the first to know. :giggle
What a lovely looking brute of a car, can I join the queue if you ever want to get rid of it :giggle
Congrats :cheers

very nice model :coolpics
Thanks, Ken and Nadav! :happy

Ken - Sure, I'll add you to the list. Just get in line behind DX. There should be some punch and sugar cookies on the table to your right. :giggle You might be waiting a while... :giggle
Congrats on the car! :cheers
That is one of my favorite Vettes.
Thanks, LUW! :cheers

Yeah, mine too. :tongue The new 'Vettes got NOTHIN' on this veluptuous powerhouse. :cool
Put me behind Ken I want that to if you decide to get rid of it. could add it to my collection
Congrats on nailing this one down :cheers

The black looks so much better than my silver :cry :giggle

Here is a car I had about the time you were born :lol
Congratulations Speedfiend, that is one sexy Corvette!
Thanks for the kind words, Dennis, Jeff, and Nuendo! :cheers :cheers :cheers

Jeff - You had one of THOSE?! You must have been the coolest guy at school! :tongue
I was already out of school :cry
Here was my High School fleet...
Congrats..this Vette looks awesome!! :cheers
Thank you, Alon! :cheers

Jeff - WOW. Nothin' like a big, black Cadillac. :cool
Sweet Vette Speedfiend :cheers :cheers :coolpics
Thanks, RG! :cheers
Derek I can't believe this topic slid past my radar. After seeing this model in person in your collection, it made me go out and buy one for myself!

Like I said you know its good when you and I both buy one! And to think, we used to say that black hides the lines/curves ofthe model.

Cheers my friend! WTG! :cheers
Thanks, bro! :cheers

I'm glad you got one of these beauties for yourself. :happy You're right - it must be really good if you and I BOTH get it and in the same color. :lol
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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