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WOW, never thought a Cali was that rare. I recently scored one, a brand new and sealed model from Dubai for peanuts! I paid 65$, lucky me :D
Yeah, Cali is rare. I've been looking one myself for years, but they don't come up often, so you're lucky. If I find one for a decent price, I'd get it, if not, I'd keep looking as it is not a holy grail for me, but will look nice with other Ferrari elites.

I don't understand either why it's so rare. The Cali is limited to 10 000 pieces versus most Elites of 5000 pieces.

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Lucky you indeed!
Did you get the version with the brown interior or the lighter interior?
Thank you
Waiting with anticipation to receive it! It has the light interior, and it is probably in Rosso Scuderia, rather than Rosso Corsa I think. Maybe you could enlighten me more

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I had a Scuderia in the bright (non-60th) red. Unfortunately I sold it for $75 right before values started upwards... Oh well...

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288 GTO Yellow Elite
430 Scuderia Elite Red & Blue
430 Scuderia 60th Elite
I was told by a retailer once that in the case of Ferrari models, the non-red version is significantly harder to sell than the traditional red one. Thus I would imagine that the red version is more popular.

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The only 3 I have left are the 575 SuperAmerica, 575 GT Zagato, and Maserati MC12. The Ferraris are both very good whereas the MC12 is a very flawed model that I am only holding onto because the AutoArt is too expensive. I have sold a lot that I used to have, including the blue 430 Scuderia.

Accounting for my bias in 1:1's - the ones that I still really want are the 288 GTO, F40 LM, F50, 360 Challenge Stradale.

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Hi guys,

Since Hotwheels Elite will most likely discontinue their Ferrari license at the end of the year, I thought probably it would be nice to list some of their most desirable products in remembrance of their great improvements over the years.
Hereby the Elite's which I think are the most desirable, based on their current Ebay-price. The ranking is not about their best quality models, it's about rarity, hard-to-find models. I'm curious about you guy's opinion.


1. 288 GTO red
2. 308 GTS Magnum, P.I.
3. F40 Competizione red
4. 458 Italia red
5. 430 Scuderia red
6. F50 red
7. California 2008 red, with brown interior (the 1st release)
I started this thread in 2014. I think it's interesting to see how the desirability of various HWE models has changed over the years. I got the following average sold prices from eBay. The bold ones are what we considered as the most desirable HWEs back in 2014.

Mondial 8 - $40
Mondial 3.2 - $50
612 China - $50
550 pininfarina - $60
FXX - $65
166 mm - $70
Superamerica - $70
125S - $75
599 GTB - $80
348TB - $80
348TS - $85
FF - $85
458 spider - $90
575M - $100
F333 - $100
F355 GTS - $100
Old Superamerica - $100
360 spider - $110
California - $110
F12 - $110
Dino - $120
F430 - $120
Testarossa - $130
599 GTO - $130
599 XX - $130
250 GT SWB - $130
Laferrari - $140
250 GTO - $140
458 Italia - $150
Enzo - $150
360 Modena - $170
360 CS - $170
458 speciale - $180
250 lusso - $180
F50 - $180
430 Scuderia - $180
250 LM - $200
F40 - $200
308 GTB qv - $200
599 xx evo - $200
F355 GTB - $210
Dino 308 GT4 - $225
F40 competizione - $230
288 GTO - $270
250 California movie - $300
308 GTS movie - $450

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Sorry I forgot to list the 458 GT2 and a few HWE F1 cars.

Detail and quality-wise the HWE 458 GT2 is one of the best HWEs.
However, race cars are generally less wanted than street cars. Hence the price is reflecting that. It's a simple supply and demand thing.

The list above does not reflect the quality at all.

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A few mysteries from the list above:

- Why is the Dino 308 GT4 so expensive nowadays? I know it's one of the last HWEs, so the quality is top notch. But that car is imo as ugly as the Mondial and the Mondial is about the cheapest HWE you can find nowadays.
- Why is the 599 XX evo selling for $200 while the FXX is selling for $65? Just like the Dino 308 GT4, the 599 XX evo is one of the last HWEs, so good quality, but I thought track cars are not so popular.
- Why is the 308 GTB qv as expensive as the Kyosho one while the Kyosho one is better?

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Personally, I think the 348 is one of the best of the Elite series although it isn't my favorite Ferraris.
I agree. I think it's the last window boxed HWE. A very good one. The only downside is that the wheels are too much inwards.

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I actually quite like the silver/black two tone 308GT4 probably more than the red one but I settled for the red one back in the day when they were first released. I suppose it is a bit amusing that the 308GT4 is going for much more than the Mondial 8 which I quite like personally.

The 308GTS Magnum PI version is still immensely popular it seems. It just so happen that i had one on watchlist recently and it ended up reaching CMC price terrority.

Untitled by Jazzy 426, on Flickr

The original listing might still be accessible at https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1-18-Hotwheels-Elite-FERRARI-308-GTS-RED-L-Ed-1-of-5000-Magnum-PI-edition-P9908-/284306426212?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=XnrSqpbJvqfGwIgCXbRmDdN%252FcIk%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc

ANd looking at the seller's feedback it seems the winning bid might be genuine as the buyer left a positive feedback for the item. Crazy huh? Someone must be a huge fan of Magnum PI, or Tom Selleck's beautiful luscious mustache.

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That price for the Magnum PI car, that isn't even sold as being it is crazy!!

I had an Elite 599XX #3 car when they were released. I didn't think much of it so I sold it, probably at a loss lol!

I have a couple of their models, but to be honest. I don't rate them that highly. I've never "fell in love" with any of them.

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Not sure about elsewhere, but in Europe, up until a year ago, the F430 Scuderia was almost impossible to find on eBay. And when found, prices were over €200 in some cases. Then around July last year they started popping one after another, and not many people were going for them.

That's how and why I finally scored one in blue. And I also got a F355 in yellow, a little while after. I'm now only waiting for the F12 to drop in price, still too many people out there living in dream world and pricing them too high.

We all know that HWE models in general have aged/are aging pretty badly, most had paint rash and loose bits from factory and some were just Foundation models with added mesh and PE bits.

With so many other options for diecast collecting out there, both new and seasoned collectors alike are shifting their focus to other diecast makers, and car brands other than Ferrari. So all those once expensive and sought after HWE (F430 Scud, F40, F355, 458 Speciale, 288 GTO, etc.) are now becoming more obsolete and forgotten every month that passes. Also because, as I suspect, many of them are quite literally "turning to dust", reaching a point where the deterioration is such that they just cannot be sold as a model, only as parts.

Many people collecting HWE are getting fed up dealing with the ageing issues, so it's only a matter of time before all those models hit the market at very low prices. It's already happening. Of course there are always the dreamers asking BBR prices for HWE, but when those once "rare and sought after" HWE models sell at auction, there isn't as much interest in them, really.

I, of course, still like the old HWE and to me they're nice models and I can live with the issues.
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