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So we have the most expensive AutoArt and the most expensive Minichamps thread, but I couldn't find one for the most expensive Kyosho.

So I'll start this one, with a couple that sold today on eBay (postage not included).

1) BMW E89 Z4 (in dealer box), the one with the working roof. € 371.00

The price this usually goes for is the reason why I haven't got one yet, but this one sold today actually crushed all my hopes of ever adding one, if it keep going up like this.

Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design

2) Mini Cooper S, JCW edition. € 254.00
1:18 BMW Collection Mini Cooper C John Cooper Works / LA 170 | eBay

Tire Car Wheel Automotive parking light Vehicle

3) BMW E46 M3 "Street",
€ 270.00
1:18 KYOSHO No.08507Y BMW M3 GTR yellow / LA 151 | eBay

Kyosho went a bit too far with the front bumper, protruding a bit too much compared to the 1:1. Also, not the best color for that particular car, and I'm not sure if the wheels are a match for it either, look more like the CSL wheels to me.

Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Car Vehicle

Anyone's welcome to post any Kyosho, sold for big bucks - or any who should've sold well but didn't! ;)


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That's just a regular Kyosho F02 7 series in a fancy display box. I wouldn't pay more than €100 for it, especially considering it's probably rid with paint rash.

One was sold back in December on eBay DE for €125 : 1:18 BMW 750 Li F02 Diplomatic 7 Series Imperial blaumetallic Dealer OVP 7er | eBay

They come and go on eBay, just keep a broad, generic search for any 1:18 bmw 7 series, like this: eBay search - any 1:18 7 series BMW

Edit: btw that one on the link you posted, that's for 79 Swiss Francs, which is the same amount in Euros. I think Switzerland is not in the EU, so you'd have to pay import taxes on that, but still it would come cheaper than €250.00 in the end. I'm not sure about that platform though, Ricardo.ch, never heard of it...

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More E89 Z4 madness today, with this one in silver fetching close to €400

€ 392.00
Kyosho BMW Z4 35i sDrive, orion silver, display case model, in original packaging 1:18 model car | eBay

The strange thing is, other than the fact that the seller was utterly uncapable of providing one decent picture of it - most being close ups or from the top - is that this isn't the nicest color for this model, and not the best looking wheels either. And also the box, although present, is damaged.

Now also today, only 35 minutes later, another E89 Z4 was sold. And that one is in grey (a stunner, really), has much better wheels and a pristine box. Guess how much LESS did it fetch? Almost €150.00 less!!!

BMW Z4 E89 sDrive 35i Kyosho 1:18 Model Car Spacegrey Metallic | eBay

No idea what happened there. The one in gray could have gone for just the same money, it's a much better looking model IMO, better presented and looked after. Not that I think theese are worth more than €180 to €200, but still...

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