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Hello all...
This morning, I thougt I was still dreaming..
My father just got back from Germany, and he brought 2 of those new stunning M5, from BMW dealership as requested..one babe for me, and another beauty for my friend.

Thank you PAPA

I have no words to describe this amazing model, just awesome..and the color has a perfect match!

I took some (not some, 76 exact) of those beasts..

Here are some...

You can see all of the photo HERE
(can't upload here)

:danbana :danbana :danbana :danbana :woohoo

Congrats! :cheers

I'm liking the M5 more and more everytime I see it, even in this colour. Thats's why I bought mine on ebay this evening. I can't wait 'till it's here! :danbana

Congrats on the new addition!!! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

:coolpics of a gorgeous sedan! :tongue
How's the brake detail? It kinda looks like the Kyosho E46 M3 :confused

Well done MustangEleanor!

I really like this colour, and i think i might have to get one pretty soon, even though i'm already well over budget.

in my opinion the rear view of this car does make it look very aggressive, which makes it true to the 1:1.


Nice car, very nice infact, im going to order it when my next pay come's.

Why did you get two, one for your collection and one to sell on e-bay for a profit? :giggle
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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