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The one that got away

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I was wondering, if you guys have (as I have) model cars you wont but let them slip away and now you can't get them anymore ?

For me it is the scale 1:18 Ertl 1967 Gold Corvette Coupe chase car.
It was on eBay, i waited it when from $60.00 to $100.00 to ..... and now you can't find it anyware :cry

I also am missing the scale 1:18 UT Pewter Corvette C5 #21005, the last of the UT C5's I need and I can't seem to find one any more.

Also I know about some very special ones that I not even have seen yet or for prices that are way out there
Ertl #7407 1967 white convertible 1 of 500 Mid America
Revell #8755 red 1969 Mid America
Revell #8691 blue 1969 Bloomington Gold

Happy collecting,

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I've been chasing the Autoart CLK LM from Le Mans '98 for about two years now. I've twice been outbid on eBay by $1 and I've searched nearly every model shop I can find on the net for one with no luck.

I will find this beauty one day, but so far this is definiteley "the one that got away" for me.


With me I think it applies to any UT Porsche 993 from the mid-late 1990s. I used to see dozens and dozens of them around and always thought that i'd get round to adding a few of them to my collection. I never did, and now the prices have gone through the roof :cry .
Just this week i have managed to buy my 'Holy Grail' model, an Exoto GT40 with Standox paintwork. These are hard to come by in the UK, so as soon as i saw one was available i pounced. I didn't want this one getting away!

I always wanted to buy an UT Alfa Romeo Martini Version... Found it once at 24 euros! But I waited too long to buy it.... and I lost it, now I am able to find it wayyy higher than that price... and unfortuneately, I dont really like buying from e-bay... So it's gone.... :cry
Too many to list. Mostly, any of the Minichamps Ferrari F1 cars. I only wish that when I was in a hobby shop in Charlotte, NC many years ago that I would've known then what I know now. I keep kicking myself...
Im lucky enough to have picked up every UT Porsche roadcar first time around , but the race versions are a different story .I just got the Naked lady , Repsol and presentation cars but still need the #90 , superflow and Harlequin imsa version to complete the set . It`s very tough going to find them , never mind pay for them , but hopefully someday soon they will be in my display case.
I also missed out on the AUTOart GT3R thinking that there would be plenty around for a long time to come. How wrong I was :nutkick

Others include the UT 78 Vettes and pace car , UT Escort WRC (Kankunnen) and the 2002 Ertl HD F150 pick up(grey version) . I turned them down for some reason or other and really wished I hadnt .
Being in this hobby for awhile I hate to tell you of all the cars I passed on only to regret later :cry :cry :cry

My biggest one I am kicking myself for is the Danbury/Ertl Brawner Hawk :ranting
You have quite a few hard to find wanted cars! I would just keep looking and when one pops up be ready to pour money into it, if you really want it that badly. :cheers
UT Escort Cosworth Michelin Pilot with spot lamps, Malcolm Wilson
UT Escort WRC Repsol, Carlos Sainz
Minichamps Ford RS200 Road Car White
KMD Ixo Transkit 6r4 Rothmans, Billy Coleman
Tamiya 1-24 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth Texaco Kit
Tamiya 1-24 Peugeot 205 T16 Kit
I've held off on the Mercedes CL55 Safety Car and the CLK LM #35 from 1:18 AUTOart, and now they're rare/too expensive :nutkick

If you'd like, I can drop by the local shop (where I got mine) and see if they have one in stock for you. Let me know.

Dial-Up Death

750x455 - 93 K
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the one(s) that got away??

that's easy
every car that i DONT HAVE :giggle
I've missed two sofar. One is the white WRC Focus test car (Märtin/Park, Minichamps 1/43), but I'm hoping I can find it. The other one is no-go: there's a Suzuki Ignis kit but it doesn't come with the driver decals I want :cry
1:18 UT Ferrari F355 Berlinetta (metallic blue on beige)

It was a prototype made by UT and they only made 200. They also made a silver-on-red one but I want the blue. I've seen it on eBay once but couldn't afford it at the time. :cry

1:43 ONYX Nissan R390 GT1 LM "Calsonic"

There was one in December that sold for $22 but I didn't bid as I had a lot of $$$ tied up in buying some UT Macs. There was one that just ended at $78US...
A HotWheels Testarossa, been looking for one for ages. Nowhere to find :cry
UT GT2 Naked Lady. I had the last one in my hand at the shop. $45. Inspected the decals. Perfect. Put it down for just one moment to go look at the other shelves. Came right back to find it in another guy's hand. :cry
If it's not too much trouble, that would be awesome! :)
Angelrott, (and others intrested)
I found out just the other day that AUTOart will (re?)release an "upgraded" 996 GT3R in mid-march in the US, but the epics look the same to me... http://www.AUTOart-collection.com/cgi-bin/...ping/77822.html
:cheers :cheers Cheers MEC
No problem at all. :cheers

I'll let you know by tonite if he still has it in stock.
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