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One of the first things i read in this forum had to do about the contests. I was so excited to see that every month was a photo contest running. I saw amazing photos and styles that made me to improve and keep improving my own style in diecast photography as i am still new in that kind of photography.
I read those comments from @Craig and i feel disappointed. Disappointed because what he says is the naked truth.
Contests are not made for showoff! Nobody advertises his camera gear or the money that spent on it. There are no rules about processing as in professional photo contests. Anyone can post a photo of his model and believe me you can shoot with a 6yr old phone and have a great result if you love what you do.
I see so many different members to post a photo in thread "what did you buy today" but only a 10% of them is nominating his photo in the contests. I'm sure you can do way better than taking a fast picture to show us what you bought. Clean your model, change your angle, shoot a macro image of a tire, or a part of the engine. You don't have to use special lighting or cameras for these. You can always get out, use the natural light and take a photo with your smartphone. No one will judge you in a bad way. NO-ONE.
I apologise for the longscale comment but i trully believe that everyone can shoot a descent photo of his model car. And those who can't, may always ask for advise.
Let's keep this contest alive..
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