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The X-Clinic: Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Passo Corto - closer to CMC

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Some time ago I saw a comparison here in DCX between the CMC and Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Passo Corto. As soon as I bought my HWE, I had to correct some... less good details. The HWE is quite decent and does not look bad next to its upper class congener, thus with a bit of work it would be brought pretty close to the CMC. This is the list of modifications I made:

- Swap the original wheels by a ptotoetched BBR metal set and sand the rolling surface of the new tires;
- Lower the suspensions on both axles to give it a more correct ground clearance;
- Brake detailing (including brake lines on all 4 wheels and copper pipes on the 4 callipers;
- Retouch the engine (particularly the fuel lines and connect the coils to the distributors);
- Carpet the passenger compartment;
- Replace the plastic steering wheel by a photoetched unit with wooden handle by AutoMobilia;
- Detail doors and dashboard including key lock in the glove compartment and key in the ignition;
- Add seat belts;
- Paint flat black the inside of the A-pillars;
- Detail the undercarriage including exhaust lines and adding brake and fuel lines, the latter with respective return and electric pump;
- Paint the semi-axles and drive shaft in the correct flat black, as well as the rear suspension leaf springs;
- Add shock absorbers on the front suspension and longitudinal bars on the rear axle with their respective fixation bolts;
- Paint red the radiator protection plate;
- Replace one of the fog lights that was missing on the model (thank you Modelissimo...);
- Swap the spare wheel by a photoetched one from a 410 SA and include a tool bag.

This is how the model was before (just a random photo taken from the internet):

This is how it turned out (when I took the photos I still haven't put the new spare wheel on):

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Truly magnificent
Love the engine, the underside, the wheels, everything is great
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