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Among one of the (very) few sealed-body models I currently have in my collection, the Ferrari 400 Superamerica Serie II Aerodinamico Pininfarina by KK-Scale is one of them. It's not a bad model (or else I wouldn't have bought it, being sealed and all) but sure needs some work to become a worthy representation of the striking Ferrari.

This is how it looked before:

The list of interventions will include:

- Polish the headlight covers (they're terribly fogged up by superglue fumes);
- Swapping the hideous original wheels by some metalic wire wheels by BBR;
- Carpet the interior;
- Add knobw and switches to the centre concole;
- Add a radio to the centre console;
- Chrome-plating the steering wheel spokes, the indicator stacks and the ashtray on the centre console;
- Chrome-plating the gearshift and hand brake rods;
- Chrome-plating the windshield wipers;
- Add chrome trim to the luggage compartment and seat back rests;
- Add an ignition key hole and key;
- Paint the door trim dual tone (black and tan);
- Detail brake discs and callipers (including scratchbuilding the rear half of the callipers and respective piping);
- Detail the chassis undertray (adding brake and fuel lines and the handbrake cable);
- Open the lower radiator vents (they're only recessed on the mould);
- Weathering the exhaust pipes and mufflers;
- Paint aluminium the oil pan and gearbox housing;
- Add a key lock on the trunk lid;
- And all other things that I find along the way!

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When I dismantled the headlight covers, I discovered they were not the only victims of the superglue fumes but also the headlights lenses were attacked in the same way. After some "digital work", I think they're decent now:

The lock on the trunk lid, donated by an AutoArt Corvette Stingray's door :

The new "shoes" for the lady:

The original tires actually look good but the rims... jeez...!!

The brake discs were covered with metal tape to imitate the steel and the callipers were completed, painted aluminium and received the hydraulic lines:

Front suspension, already with the wheels placed in the place (it was necessary to thin the original supports to insert the new wheels but the fixation is much more solid than, for example, in a Hot Wheels) and with the dampers painted red front and back to make contrast with the springs after assembled:

The interior is already carpeted (and I painted black on the heel rest on the driver's carpet):


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Chrome trim on the luggage compartment supports and the strap buckles were also chromed:

Chrome-plated trim on the sides of the seat backrests:

Two-tone door trim:

Chrome steering wheel, stacks and ashtray:

Just like the "pole" of the gearbox lever and handbrake handle. Note I also added new gauges and push-buttons on the centre console:

Interior rim of the gauges also chromed:

Ignition lock and key:

Chassis has already undertaken a breakthrough. Already the wiring harnesses are all set, only the new differential is needed to put the rear axle in place and splice the braking lines together:

The lower air intakes for the radiator are also already open wide:

More news coming soon!

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Another masterpiece love your X clinic

how did you remove the headlight cover on the 400 is there an "easy" way or you had to pry it until it pop up? Both my 365 and 400 from KK scale also suffers from glue fume cloud heck i dont even know they can be cleaned and polished to remove the haze.

I bet you have a box full of BBR wire wheels LOL all the models you upgraded with them turned into gold

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Indeed there is no "easy" way to remove the headlight covers, they're glued to the bodyshell, hence the haze. I don't know if it's like this in all models but prying it open wasn't that hard, fortunatelly they popped out nicelly without dragging paint with them. After that, the haze is quite easily buffed out, a bit of polish on a soft cloth and a few minutes of patience is all it takes.

Hmmm, yeah, I sort of have quite some BBR wheel kits, At first bought a set for my 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso but loved them so much that ended up doing the same with the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, Maserati A6GCS/53 Berlinetta Pininfarina and this 400 SA Aerodinamico Pininfarina... and I still intend to make another swap on my Lamborghini 350 GT.
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