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The X-Clinic: Ferrari GTO (twin ladies on the table) - FINISHED!

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Finally it's time these two of the most beautiful italian ladies of all time to enter this humble clinic for a well-deserved intervention which, I hope, will bring some well deserved dignity back. This is what I'll be starting from:

This is the general idea of what I intend to do to these ladies:

- New paintjob that includes removal of the gap between the roof panel andthe rest of the bodywork, and deletion of the attachment points of the rear and engine bonnet logos ;
- Inclusion of new photoetched logos at the rear, bonnet and flanks (where the old plastic ones were removed);
- Painting the interior matt black with red trim (including dashboard);
- Flocking all over the passenger compartment;
- Add 2 Tremonia kits which include window frames, bonnet and rear grilles, windscreen wipers, centre console elements, photoetched pedals and key, and fabric seatbelts;
- Swap the original wheels and tires by larger ones donated by two Bburago F40s and respray them;
- Detaiing the "luggage compartment" including spare wheel and respective fastening strap
- Complete engine detail which includes painting the block in aluminium, valve covers and intake manifolds in red and exhaust pipes in dark gray, as well as inclusion of all necessary hosing and wiring;
- Detail the brake discs to mimic the metallic finish of theoriginal steel vented discs and include brake calipers;
- Complete chassis detail including fuel and braking lines, suspensions, fuel tanks, etc.;
- And everything else that shows up along the way!

The other lady is, at the moment, just a "144 GTO" since its bodywork is waiting for more capable hands than mine to work their magic like mine already did. Other than that, it's all stripped and clean and ready to get (my hands) dirty:

The engine is the element which will take most of the work:

The new "shoes":

The above mentioned Tremonia kits:

My lady's bodywork had already been sent for a professional painter, who removed the gaps on the roof panel and the fixation points on the plastic logos all around.He also painted the inner side matt black, as the A andB pillars, door trim and side pinstriping:

The new side indicators are in place (from Légende):

The rear bonnet "Ferrari" lettering is in place:

The bonnet handles and locks were painted matt black:

Currently I laid the engine and spare wheels dipped on bleach in order to remove the chrome work and then I'll start by cleaning the mould lines off the plastic parts before I start spraying away. More news soon.
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I had a 1/24 scale Blue Bburago kit one with Poineer radio decals on it (water slides you could put on it yourself) when I was little, it loved that model!

I'm very much looking forward to your improvements for this model, if it turns out like your Porsches it'll be ace!!
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looks much better with just the repaint alone :)
The GTO is beautiful, it deserves the attention you are giving it! I will be following this one closely!
Again, saving another Bburago.
Rai Dou just shown his Ferrari Saves too

Also, did anyone else notice that OLD Bburagos NEVER get paint rash?

Great work, looking forward to seeing how this one comes out
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I am sure this is going to be another masterpiece. I love to watch this maestro at work LOL Look forward to the progress updates.
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The GTO is by far one of my favorite Ferrari's ever so I'm really looking forward to seeing your awesome rework! That repaint alone makes it look already so much better!
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Very nice project. The GTO is one of my all time favs too. Crazy how this Bburago shell looks so much like the Hot Wheels GTO shell though....
pretty sure Hotwheels inherited the same mold from Bburago hence the similarities. Safe to say GTO is the holy grail for most of us here
The stuff X clinic has done so far has already exceeds the details on my HWE 288 GTO.
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pretty sure Hotwheels inherited the same mold from Bburago hence the similarities. Safe to say GTO is the holy grail for most of us here
Yeah, me too... pretty sure it's the same mouldings, just added colour and stuff.

Well, I've been away for a while but that doesn't mean I've been still. For now, the most of the work I did was just correcting mould lines and imperfections and improve some parts before paint. Nevertheless, I've already sanded the tire surface and sprayed the wheel centres with some aluminium paint and, since I was at it, drilled the hols for the tire inflation valves I'll be adding and, when the paint was dry, aded the Tremonia photoetched parts that close the centre lock nut Bburago always forgot to shut.:

Another thing I never understood is why Bburago always insisted in chrome plating the instrument panels and indicatos stack. Therefore, matt black paint does the trick:

Using some good-old head pins for the new gearshift levers is always a good solution, in this case with the heads painted glossy black to mimick that nice baquelite shifter:

I've just got started witt the "new" disc brakes, will be weathering them a bit so that they look more "used":

At the bottom of the chassis, I also starded adding some detail...

... like the suspension joints...

... the rear suspension uprights...

... or the twin aluminium fuel tanks:

At the rear I removed the grilles from the original plastic moulding and added some much finer PE mesh grille which I previously sprayed matt black:

The upper half of the shell (including seats and dashboard) got a full matt black respray, so that I can now start adding the red trim accents, full floor flocking and all the other goodies:

The dashboard, already with the steering wheel and gauges refitted. Also, added a key hole where I'll be fitting an actual key:

The complete rear upright assembly:

It almost looks like an Elite like this, no?

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Very nice upgrades X. Keep it coming. This thing will end up looking like a HWSE hehe...
Somehow I've missed this topic before

Anyway, Great stuff. I did a few touch-ups to my GTO a while back, but this is another level
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I've been quiet but that doesn't mean I've been still. In fact, I took the chance to finish up some "re-retouch" projects that were lingering all over the table in order to focus on these two ladies. First of all, the instrument panel is now painted black and no longer looks like a toy (IMO):

Then came the painkstaking job of painting the red leather stripes on the seats. I always loved this colour combo and I think it really makes it pop out! A small comparo here (sorry for the lame cellphone photo quality):

After 4 days of work, this is how the interior looks like:

Before I get to apply the carpets on the interior, I retouched some elements from under the front bonnet, namingly the coolant vase and the power steering elements:

Also gave a bit of colour to the rear suspension tower mount, like the original:

Stay tuned!
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Very nice progress
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A few more updates: at the front the spare wheels are ready and include the inflation valve. All it's lacking is the strap to keep it in place.

On the centre console you can already find the photoetched parts for the gear selector H-gate and other knobs and switches. I took the chance to add a small chrome "cavallino" behind the gate, just like the original:

The exhaust manifold and piping, as the twin turbos, central wastegate and intercoolers have been given a more correct colour combination:

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This thread deserves more comments! Another lowly model is turning into something special. Great work.
When the project is finished will you start taking orders? I have a Burago 288 GTO that needs this treatment too...

Excellent work, awesome dedication, fico de olho
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