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Sorry all, it's been a very busy month for us.

spikeyone has it right, BaT = Bring a Trailer. It is a good source for detail images. That said, many cars have been modified, and if you don't already know what's correct, BaT can send you the wrong direction. Case in point is the silver B24 Convertible recently listed. Quite a few detail issues, but also major sheetmetal issues; from the doors back it has been replaced, and is quite wrong. So bad I said nothing, and it was RNM, reserve not met, for good reason.

When I started on the Spider model in '88/'89, all I had were the few photos I'd taken, and any I could find in books, magazines, and brochures. So there was a certain amount of (somewhat educated) guessing involved, but I got most of it right. And while there are a few things I'd do differently, I am still happy with the model overall, and the wrong color is a story in its' own right. I'm not going to redo it/build another, at least not now (mesh in the air scoop, blacked out inner grill sections, sanded tire tread, and wheels will probably get done at some point).

Regarding the top, I took the "hardtop" and cut away everything but the frame. Except I didn't yet realize there was an extra bow, so it's missing one. I never made the plastic window as I hadn't figured out how to cut the hole in the fabric without the edges unraveling.

I did take more pictures, but they mostly show I'm not a photographer.

I used to make display cases when I worked in a museum.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Hood Car

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive parking light

I used mylar tape for some of the chrome trim. The painted spot should be holding the cloth top, but, hey?
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hood Wheel

I would now make a better mirror. And shift knob. And steering wheel and Hi-Lo switch (mostly hidden behind the wheel in this shot).
Car Steering part Steering wheel Automotive design Motor vehicle

Vehicle Wheel Tire Car Hood

I made a (paper) cover for the tank, and painted it to match. Not quite correct, it has it's own fabric. Note the rub strips on the back of the seats. Note the trunk latch to the side. And the tank has no rivets on the side, or buckles on the straps. But I didn't know then.
Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive lighting

As viewed from the front, on the left, the front shock oil reservoir, on the right the brake fluid reservoir and the voltage regulator. I removed the "Lancia" script, added the fins and central valve cover nut and oil filler caps.
Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive design

Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Bumper Car

Hood Car Vehicle Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

Camera accessory Camera lens Automotive tire Cameras & optics Film camera

My friend worked at the UC Berkeley Lawrence Radiation Laboratory. This is the (front) parking sticker. Didn't make the rear one.
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle

Notice the aluminum steering wheel rim also shows at the outer edge between the wood.
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Hood

Tire Car Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle

As it sits...
Tire Vehicle Wheel Car Hood

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You've done a great job with that one, Steve, it looks really nice. Hope you manage to get those 3D-printed wheels that'll surelly enhance the overall look of the model.

Another month has passed, another small step towards the conclusion of this triple project, and for a good reason: contrary to the original idea, not only the white lady was entitled to princess slippers. These were painted red and chrome like the original car, they didn't turn out perfect but I hope they turned out good enough. Chrome is not very resistant, so now that it is applied, I do not recommend touching it again... ever again!

Unfortunately, these rims don't have the internal notch that allows them to be fixed on the axles and maintain the rotation capacity, so in order for them not to fall to each side, I had to glue them to the axles:

But in the meantime, a surprise. I was wandering around eBay and I suddenly stumbled upon a Romanian seller who had sets of metal spoked rims for sale that, by the measurements, were perfect for the remaining two ladies. They took some time to arrive, they weren't cheap but I think it was worth it:

Notice the difference between the rear (original) and front (metal) wheels:

And that's it, all that's left are the Pininfarina emblem decals to complete the projects! Spot Model indicates that in 1 week they should be available but the truth is that since last year the date indicated was March and in the meantime they pushed the date of availability to April 14th... As the blind tells the deaf: "we'll see"!

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Those wire wheels are great! They look so much more to scale. I'm not a fan of wires on Aurelias to begin with (especially as the knock-offs need to be so big because the axle passes through the wheel bearing to reduce angular contact), and the Burago ones are not very good-looking.

Regarding the "steel" rims and hubcaps: I still prefer them, I think they match the design of the car better. If I get that far, i'll be considering turning hubcaps from aluminum on a lathe. I'd like to have the "Lancia" lettering on them as well. But it's a ways off at the moment.

But both rims make a big difference. Much improved. Next would come Michelin tires. Lancia never mounted Engleberts, especially as I don't think they ever made a 165x400...

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Hey there Steve,

Yeah, these wire wheels sure look great. Unlike, for example, those we can get from BBR, the spokes are actually wire and not photoetched metal, they look really exquisite. The knock-offs are too large indeed but the problem is they are what keeps the wheels in place so I have only 2 choices: or I keep them and maintain the free-wheeling capability or I use the knock-offs that came with the wheels but I have to glue them in the axle cause I'll have to cut off the spindles. Not to mention the originals actually have the correct shape instead of the dome-like shape the turned-metal nuts the kit has.

As for the tyres I guess Bburago simply used the same moulding for the side walls as other models (the Bugatti Type 59 or the Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 also have Engelbert-scripted tyres) and personally, I rather have them with the wrong labelling than no label at all.

And the size? They're exactly the same size as the original wheels. I guess they look smaller because of the thinner and higher-count spokes...

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Finally, the Aurelias are finished! After like 6 months waiting for the Pininfarina decals to be available, they finally arrived! Quite a nice quality, I might add:

Finally in place:

Thanks to the information @B24Spider provided, I added the rub strips to the back of the seats too:

Ready to roll to their respective owners:

I'm currently moving from my parent's house so sorry but I couldn't make a better photoshoot, hope it's good enough to see the final result:


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Well, now that the owner of that baby blue wonder is here... :D

Once again, I'm speechless with the quality of your mods. Once again, this stopped being a Bburago and became something that I couldn't imagine was capable of being this good. I'm looking forward to see this one back home, let's arrange that pick-up ASAP because I really, really want to take this to a special location and take some pictures there.

Fantastic job!

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Ol谩 Jo茫o,

Sim, vivo em Gaia. Muito obrigado pela informa莽茫o, vou entrar em contacto com ele. Essas rodas encaixam no sistema da burago? Sou novo neste grupo, pelos visto n茫o consigo manter conversas por n茫o ser membro premium

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