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Here is a good example of a SHORT and LONG car

Revell - 1963 Austin Healey Sprite Vs Maisto - 1956 Cadillac Elderado

Please show your pictures if you have other big (same scale) size differences

Hi Guys

I been enjoying my stay in this forum, thanks for the hospitality
Check out the pictures of my biggest 1:18 car and one of the smalles 1:18 car.
Autoart Maybach 57 and Autoart Toyota 2000GT

3/4 view

Front view

Top view

Please post your pictures too.

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Just received my Lotus V8 and did a photoshoot with my Lotus Elan....so posted this pic....

Automotive parking light Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Hood

in the 'A Nice Pair' thread, which when I saw the post got me to thinkin'.....WHICHEVER way you look at this pair....

Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Automotive lighting


Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

...or even......

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Vehicle Car

.....they're still gonna be 'little' and 'LARGE'!
It's even difficult to believe that they are the same scale!!

So how about a thread showing two diecasts OF THE SAME SCALE that are in some way connected, but there is some considerable size discrepancy between them??

Perhaps you would like to post YOUR 'Little and LARGE's????...


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