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Any Pictures out in the great outdoors, heres some i took today after college.

First off a VW Touareg Dakar Rally-Raid Racer that isn't in its proper habitat.

Sid: Hmmmm, wonder when this is going to go through its "Rothmans" makeover?

Sid: Still looks nice.


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Just to show anyone who hasn't got the AUTOart Toyota 2000GT just to show you how great the interior is.

Eddy: Its are last day at work for 3 months isn't it.
Vince: Sure is, you going anywhere?
Eddy: Here, there and everywhere, You?
Vince: Just going to chill

Vince: Hey Sid, see you in a few months.
Sid: Sure lads, enjoy your time off.
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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