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:nicejob :nicejob Nice pics everyone!!

Alfa Spider, Minichamps

BMW Baur Cabrio, AUTOart

Ford Mustang GT500KR, Ertl

Ford Mustang '64 1/2, Ertl


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I love that 57 Chev Belair Convertable! Man I dig it. So many big cars, I mean, really big. I have a small one, that I did myself, as a converstion. Unlike the ones you have on here, its real leather by the way. :)



Oh its really mini, mini! Its 1:64 :)

EDIT: I'm very sorry to edit your post, but please read this notice (please scroll down to #7). Kindly keep picture dimensions within 640 x 480 pixels and with a maximum file size of not more than 60 KB. Thanks for your cooperation!

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