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Thoughts on Reissues?

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It seems that the AUTOart GT3R and Kyosho 300ZX, both cars that are kinda hard to find, are being reissued... Just curious about everyones thoughts on this sort of thing... These dont seem to be limited or numbered, unlike some of the complaintes about other companies that reissue limited or special editions in second colors and what not....

Also, what model would you like to see reissued the most??

Ill take care of the "most wanted" the Mclaren F1 (a UT updated by AUTOart..please?)
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I'm all for them. It's great for the people that missed out on them and there's a chance of the model being improved a little bit (ie the GT3R, no dog leg hinges). Yeah it sucks for the ones who paid the premium while the car was rare, but that's life, you can't always win :p.

I'd love to see the UT Porsche 993's, Ferrari F355's and 550's, Mercedes C36, and of course the McLarens reissued from AUTOart.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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