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Tire-damage-proof display case concept

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All this talk on our models melting tires got me thinking about a safe way to display them. Keeping them boxed doesn't look like a good solution as the confined space only seems to accelerate and sustain the tire's vinyl outgasing. Keeping them on any surface also seem to result in tire damage (be that due to the model's weight or chemical interaction with the surface they're displayed on). Therefore, it would be ideal if the wheels were suspended. This is where my idea comes in and I'll use it for my next custom made display case.

Consider an usual display case/cabinet. What if, instead of the usual shelves, the cars would be placed on boards no wider that their wheelbase? The boards would also be carpeted with low profile car-interior carpeting so that any underside details / sideskirts won't be damaged by the rough wood surface. Also, the cars could be pinned to the board by simply drilling holes into the shelf and using screws to keep them in place (good idea for those living in seismic active areas, as I do).

If the shelves were made out of 1,7 cm thick wood (sorry for using the metric system...), one board could probably hold 3 cars without any danger of breaking (three 1/18s shouldn't wight more than 3 kg). So, basically, the models would only be standing on their undersides, without the wheels touching any surface (which would also help the tire "breathe" through all their pores).

The shelves/boards would be mounted on strong sidepanels and held in place (but not bolted to!) by metallic 3d "L" profiled supports (as shown in my drawing), so that the shelf can be easily taken out of the cabinet (especially useful if planning to pin the cars to it with screws).

I know it may sound a little complicated, but it isn't, so what do you think of my idea?
Also, here's a quick (and very crude) sketch I made about how it should look.
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Hmmmm, that might actually work....the drilling holes on to the board seems kind of complicated though, since you would have to drill at exactly where the screw holes are located on the base of the models or else you would damage the model.

Keep in mind that different models have their screw holes located in different locations....so this solution wouldn't allow for the rearranging of models. Lastly, not all models have a flat bottom so some models may not rest on the board very well. Anyways, it seems like a solution....so let us know how it goes if you decide to construct it!! :cheers
I have considered that, but all you have to do in order to drilling the holes is take out the shelf, measure the distance between the car's screw holes, and that's it. Still, I'll have to think about a solution for models that don't have screw holes (I think some Kyoshos don't and I'll have to check my AUTOart BMW M3 E30 for 'em...). As for the uneven underside, that's why I thought about using carpeting. It would "mold" on the underside details without damaging them. Thanks for the "criticism" as any would be useful into helping me build this thing.
if you want to use a small board, you can make it even less complicated...use two long bars, made out of hard wood so they won't bend under the weight of the cars...you can cover them with a little carpet or fabric (as told above)...???
Xeno, at a local forum here in Brazil we had this same discussion and this system was proposed. I wouldn't go through the hassle of bolting the cars on the board, but your idea would work perfectly. I would just make this plataform individual, I mean, each car would have it's own, and not a continuous one as you propose, but that's just a matter of aesthetic preference.
Cool idea! :nicejobs
I thought about these kind of platforms and they are already availible in Malta for sale.

As LUW said, it is easier to have a continous strong shelf on which platforms are put.

Just place 4 pieces of wood/foam/or something else and place the car on it. In that way, the car will be stable, the foam wil not dent the undercarriage and the wheels stay intact.

The way you are thinking is correct, but too complex I think. Too difficult to become reality.
LUW, I was thinking of the same idea. Actually I stole the idea from the older AUTOart millenium models.

For example, my AUTOart MGB coupe has a little plastic (fitted) piece that comes with the model. If u use that piece to put display the model, then it doesn't touch the glass/wood/whatever! Of course, we can't do a fully molded version like AUTOart's...
Hmm... :confused The only real problem I see is that some cars have a really short wheelbase while others (like AUTOart Maybach or Maisto Cadillac Eldorado) got a long one. So that would mean that I should categorize them by wheelbase instead of any other criteria :p I also started testing the models to see if they'd tilt forward or backward. :giggle The 4 pieces placed underneath are a good idea, but then again, every time I'd move a model, I'd have to refit them. As for styrofoam, it mat be the easyest to cut, but it also outgases and that interacts with the tire's vinyl... Man, this is turning into rocket science!
:pullhair :pullhair
I am just thinking out loud, would you pay an extra $1 for every model if all manyfacturers included a set of these with every diecast?
heck yes! One dollar is worth it!
COOL! :nicejob I most definitely would! Besides, if the tires keep degrading, the whole display case would look as a (justified) huge tire service shop! :lol
I would certainly buy those at an extra buck... they would look good too!
I want to order a whole bag of those supports...where can we find them ?? Great idea !!! :happy :woohoo :yahoo
Yeah, sign me up for 200 sets!!! :happy
You CAN'T use styrofoam: it outgasses. I've heard of some Minichamps models getting ruined by staying in the styrofoam box.

The easiest to do is one plain slab of wood or plastic revested with some carpet or soft cloth so that the harder surface doesn't mark the undercarriage. You may be lucky to have a certain size of plataform fit more then one model, but basically I think it's a custom project: cut to size for each car.

Well for sure everything has to be custom made....

But these platforms... Ok not styrofoam. Is there something else 'soft'?

Or something like this... a cube like piece of solid wood. Covered by cotton and then coated with felt.... :lol

Its getting complex too!
Buy something like a 2 × 4 in the thickness you need, cut little squares out of it and glue some felt/carpet on one side of it. How is that complicated? It's also cheap.
Just finished the "gravity test" on a few representative models. Some of them were like glued to the surface while others where like airplanes hit by rockets :giggle
Cause I am crap in these kind of things! :lol

I haven't had these kind of problems for a long time so I think that I wont be getting into a whole lot of trouble doing these small platforms... in a quick calculation.. I would need about 220 of these! OMG
PS: Picture this: custom made shelf for long wheelbased models: AUTOart Maybach, JadaToys Escalade EXT, Maisto PINK Eldorado!!! :lol
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