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Todd Mcfarlane Figures...

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I picked up a Mariano Rivera MLB figure today as it was on sale, not a bad way to spend $7

I think I am going to collect all of the Yankees as I need something besides a car to go on my desk :giggle

Anyone else collecting TM Figures?

Heres another one I just ordered off eBay.
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I think I would rather buy more snow :giggle

I guess the Tribe will need that snow as hell gets pretty hot :lol
And I thought I was going to see Spawn here. :lol
I have a bunch of TM Spawn series that are just sitting in boxes. When I worked at 3DO, a computer gaming company, they were all displayed all over my cubicle. I had other figures as well such as Marvel, Final Fantasy, Predator, Robocop, etc. etc. If I spent as much money on diecast as I did on action figures, my collection would be 2x as large. LOL!
It sounds like you had a really cool job there Jel. :happy :happy Were you an animator or programmer?

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