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Toxic Content of Model Car Paint

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I purchased some of Tamiya's "safe" acrylic paints and they have the same warnings Testor's stuff has about containing chemicals known in California to cause cancer, etc. How toxic is this stuff? I'm only going to use it for touch-up work so I won't be using that much.
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Just make sure you work in a well ventilated area and don't inhale it too much. You should be ok. Of course drinking it would not be recommended :wink.

Make sure you shake or stir it well before you use, otherwise, the paint will be too lumpy in the end because the paint tends to sink onto the bottom
You should always protect yourself from ANY chemical.
I wouldn't want any paint in my lungs.
But, there is also many warning put in place by the lawyers for people that have no common sense.

The same label about cancer and Cali is placed on boxes of Cigars! :giggle

Just make sure you have good ventilation and wear a particle mask and you should be fine.
Thanks. How long is the paint good for?
I have some that's over 5 or 6 years old and they are still good. Just make sure you keep the cap tight.
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