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Toyota GT-One #29

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Enjoy !!!

This is a really amazing model.
I find it better than the 1999 version.

Here are details. Quick comparison with the #1 I have :
- front spoilers are not here any more
-brakes look better with this metallic effect (even if I think that real ones are carbon...)
-More air intakes on the front part and the engine cover
-design of the side air intakes are different
-front little hood (just in front of the windscreen) is different
-lights are really different : 3 front lights (4 on the #1) that I find not as good as the ones on the #1 and 3 reat lights (2 on the #1).
-of course the paint scheme is a lot different. I prefer this one
-gas refueller are grey on this one and black on the #1
-only one antenna on this one

There is still an awesome interior !! And the stance of the car is really aggressive !!

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Congrats :cheers
The '98 GT1 was my Gran Turismo 2 favorite!
Awesone piece and photos, i like it a lot :yahoo
Thank you Vintage !! I must say that I always used it in Gran Turismo 2 too ! Meanwhile I had preferred the boosted road version (900+ hp...)
Thomas, call me Oron :cheers
what other opening features he got besides opning doors and engine cover?
Great stuff Thomas buddy! :coolpics

Congratulations! :cheers

She's beautiful! :tongue
Thomas , u lucky bum! This model's a BEAUT!

I've got to find myself one of these 98 GT1's... :cheers
Congrats Thomas on your #29 car! :woohoo :woohoo Don't you just love the cockpit? I was actually trying to find this car before I unexpectedly found my #27 GT-One.
Ok Oron ! I will try to remember.
It is also possible to remove the front part, just in front of the windscreen.

And yes Felix, the cockpit is unbelievable !!! Stunning AUTOart !! I wanted this number 29 and found some sales on modelissimo for the 28 and 29... My weakness did the rest...

Yes gundam (Gary), you have too !!
Nice one Thomas , Congrats :cheers

Dont forget the P cars though :giggle
Don't worry Master Gary !! With all these new AUTOart releases I will not forget to be a P-nut ! But the GT3R are still expensive. I will maybe buy the street GT3 first. Or some UT if I have enough money !
Ah yes, the GT-ONE. :nicejob

Gosh, I love this car. And from the looks of it, so do you. :happy Nice catch, Thomas. :cheers

I have #1 & #2. It would be a while before I get to complete the set, but I will get there.
Here is the One for those who want to compare

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