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This is another static piece I managed to finish. :happy I was suprised completion of the project took only two days since I had painted the parts months in advance and the body was done in black.

Im pleased with the project. Suprisingly I added very little detail of my own to this wonderful piece. One day better pics will be up as it is too dark outside to take anythgin better than this. (I had to drag the shutter on this one)

Here are the details:

-Body painted in Black laquer
-Back of seats filled in with velcro padding to look like the real car
-Interior painted tan/black
-Buttons detailed
-Headlights were painted in black
-Aftermarket rims recycled from an S2000 Tamiya kit


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That looks sweet Jacob. Around Toronto, Supras are so rare. They're almost like unicorns nowadays. I love that photo of yours. It reminds me of something I saw in some car brochure.

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Thanks Felix and Derek!

Felix: The picture was taken in the middle of the night with a 15 second exposure.

Thankfully better pics will be up soon of more details of the car.

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My apologies for no more pics as of yet. I was moving it and the passenger side mirror poped off and chiped off some paint with it, now i have to make repairs before I can take beauty shots.
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