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TSM McLaren F1 Mods Help

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I was thinking of purchasing a TSM 1/18 McLaren F1 GTR "Ueno Clinic". A pic is linked below for reference.

To the best of my knowledge, the TSM's are the most accurate 1/18 Ueno Clinic F1's. Nevertheless.... there are several mods that I'd like to do:
1) Front fender flares primarily
2) Remove the gtr lettering on the wheels
3) Sand down trunk pins so it sits more flush, add racing latches instead of the painted-on ones
4) Remove the handbrake caliper and swap the drilled brake rotors for smooth ones

This is my plan for the fender flares but the problem is that these tutorials involve spraying the whole car.

I don't have much experience with modifying diecast, only doing very minor alterations in the past, but have a steady hand and an attention to detail. There is no rush on the timeline for this project.
Is this too much to do for a beginner? If so, is there anyone that could possibly help and quote the price of such mods?

Thanks y'all and have a great day.
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I love chassis 01R. I have a UT version and HPI version in 1/18. I think the HPI is the most accurate out there, but it's very hard to find. My HPI model only has OZ on one spoke of each wheel and solid disc brakes. Since you haven't purchased this one yet and that sounds like a lot of work for the fenders, try to see if you can find an HPI one first.

edit: here is a picture of my HPI. I have a lot of photos of it in that gallery if you keep clicking through. The rear wing broke off during shipping so I glued it on later in earlier pics (def not accurate model without the wing!). https://flic.kr/p/KzradD
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A lot of work. Will not look perfect. Not worth trying
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