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okay i know you guys been very keen on to know how i make my scissor door.. hope this turorial helps you to create on of your own creation with this guide.
experinecing on HOTWHEELS Z

we want to achieve this outcome

*sorry pic blurry, but u get the idea

note: there will be some cutting plastic involved!,(IF YOU DONT WANT TO SACRIFICE YOUR TOY, dont even bother trying hoho)

this turorial preferbly 1/18 cast, i;ve been trying on 1/24, it can be done but without lowering the car.

OKAY let start without too much talking..(therell be some later on hoho)

*take the door apart including the base and. try to find a plastic that will fit through the screw hole of the door and that will just fit into the screw base of the car shell.

*one end is angled cut

*try bending them without breaking to create the angle that the door is open.

I made mine like so...

*understandable by now?
hope so.

okay.. now we need to do a little cutting
here the pic:

notice that the circle on the lower picture has been cut straight to let the door do their opening without having this little knob(or whatever) in a way. and compare the difference befor and after on the top yellow circled.

ok its nearly there...

we have cut the excess plastic that are in a way for the door to do their thing.. we now need to try tu stick the BENT PLASTIC

hopes the picture tells the story better than my words.

okay. i used a temporary tape just to try it out. try put the door together and just stick the angled cut plastic to the screw pot and trhoug the door screw hole (NO SCREW NEEDED). (see pic for more info)
you can use glue or equvalent, to keep the end bit stick to the body.

dont expect the door to elevate that high. so long that the door is on an angle already sick hehe..

and trala we done..

where the gap that the dashboard give the room for the door. really helps on the movement of the door.

and trala... again..

finish product

hope that this tutorial is straight forward.. i have been telling everyone what i use is only that bent plastic.

sounds like an un-profesional job hoho. oh well atleast i give you guys an idea. comments are most welcome..

if anything is unclear. please ask.

and my current project has one of this tooo..

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Very interesting tutorial :cheers

Thanks for taking the time and posting :cheers
no worries bro..
Great tutorial mate!
Two questions: If i used glue to stick the plastic to the car body, wouldn't that prevent the plastic from moving and therefore the door won't be able to open?
And are you sure these plastic are strong enough to hold a 1/18 door? :feedback
as i said.. the gap that the car give for the door hinge to move (on the dashboard) really helps holding the door up.

id prefer a temporary taping rather gluing it.. scary........ :D

have fun trying. and give us a pic after :D
Thnx for that dude..... I wish i had read that before i went and sent you that pm... Sorry i probly should have searched better.... Im not 100% clear about it but im pretty sure i get what ure saying... Simple yet effective... I like it.... Thank you
no worris bro!. post some pic later..
the pics dont work anymore...can you try to post them again caues i wanna try this
yeah the pics are broken :(

and also could someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me. i am wanting to do scissor doors on a Biante/autoArt model, and the hinges are different to the model used here. if anyone has attempted this on an AUTOart model, can they please post a tutorial
could you PLEASE upload those pics somewhere else because i cant see them and i really wanna do scissor doors:(
Welcome to DX, Seby.

Unfortunately this thread died 5 years ago with the originator.
Doubt if you'll get an answer.
Perhaps another member has had a go at this ?? :feedback
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