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(Tutorial) Home made model stands

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I've read somewhere about some of you being concerned about the models' weight causing their tyres to get deformed with time.
Some say they use Lego pieces under the models; but I'm sure my son would kill me if he knew I was stealing his pieces for my models (just kidding). Truth is I found that Lego is not very suitable, because plastic is a little slippery and hence difficult to put and maintain in place, especially if the model's bottom is not flat.
So, I devised a kind of home made stand consisting of a rectangle of black card (I use 10x5 cm, about 4x2 in.) and a set of rubber washers like those commonly used in taps:

The washers are glued onto the black card using common white glue:

Usually, three washers are sufficient. Put the model on this 'stand' and that's it!

Even if the wheels still touch the ground (it depends of course on the model's ground clearance) they aren't supporting all the car's weight anymore.
If necessary (e.g. for models of the 50's or 60's) a double height is achieved by gluing the washers in sets of two (use quick cement here):

You can see I stick a label onto the stand, just to know which model it belongs to.

Hope this cheap idea is of some use to you. :cheers
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Thanks for the tutorial, I am going to move this topic to a more appropriate forum :cheers
João, that's one of the best ideas for a stand that I've seen! :nicejob Simple, cheap and effective. Thanks for sharing! :cheers
What a neat idea! :nicejob
That's a very creative yet cheap solution. :nicejob :nicejob

How much does the materials cost/per car?

I like this idea and wouldn't mind making some for my models, but it would take quite a bit of materials for to make one for all of them.

I am currently using a stand made of acrylic and stell covered in a plastic sleeve. I have recently seen these in the hobby shop for $2.50.

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DiecastX said:
How much does the materials cost/per car?
Well, I'll have to check up-to-date prices, because I had the materials since a long time. Anyway, as an estimate, a sheet of cardboard may cost about 1~2 euros and from a single one you can cut out maybe more than 50 rectangles. This same price should apply also to a set of ten rubber washers. Simple maths will show that each stand's total cost is at most 60 eurocents (incl. glue, x-acto wear, etc. - just kidding). Very cheap!
The only 'but' is that you don't always get the precise height you need for a particular model - you're limited by the washers own fixed height. But for the price...
I understand. Some of my older Muscle Cars have a high ride height, so I know they would require a few more washers.
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