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Two new models today

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I received a package from DX is the HOT SPOT !!! today. Great service.

First up is the Autoart BMW 635CSi. Beautiful model. Can't go wrong with a Jagermeister racer.

Second is an "It's about time I got one" model. Looks great. No more dog-legs. :danbana Took me awhile to get it unpacked. I did't know about those thin wires used to secure the opening parts. They were all twisted and I had a hard time threading back through the tiny hooks.

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Couple of real beauties there Tom :nicejob

I still have to get one of those porkchops.

For some strange reason I have been shying away from the Jager and I think its because the car looks so much like a street car with numbers to me :confused
I guess after seeing all the radical looking racing BMW's this one is too tame for me :giggle

It sure is pretty :cheers
I love that Jagermeister BMW. . .
Congrats on the new additions Tom......been on a buying spree huh ?

The Jager is nice but the RS is delicious and a must have . Its great that you finally got one :cheers

I also hate those wires that AUTOart uses now . I actually put a chip on the rear panel of my Red/White RS because of it .
They just get rid of those dumb stickers and replace them with something even dumber :ranting
Very, very nice additions Tom!
And I thought I was the last one without the GT3 RS......I will hopefully join the club soon.
That jagermeister is definitely a looker, and the M6 with the shadowline in the background ain't bad either. :danbana
Congrats TMD96,

You have a selection of sensational models. The racing 635 looks like one of the best AUTOarts i've seen.

I can understand entirely your problem with the unbelievably stupid wires they now use. I've raised the point many times in my own threads. Why would anybody of sound mind want a sharp piece of metal rubbing against the paint of their brand new diecast? :pullhair

Gary - I'm sorry about your paint chip mate. I hope its hasn't left too much of a mark.

We ought to start a petition against these wires and send it to AUTOart. With a bit of luck they might take notice.

Love your photo compositions! Cognrats on your new additions!

Very classy shots, Tom! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

Now I MUST get an RS (or two). I thought all this time they had dog leg hinges. This is great! :yahoo
Congrats on the new additions :cheers :cheers :cheers
Congrats on the new additions, Tom. :cheers

I'm looking to pick up the Jager BMW myself.
Congratulations, Tom - two nice models!
well done on the new additions Tom. :coolpics
Congrats Tom :cheers
Congrats Tom :cheers
I share with you the GT3RS and i like the Jagermeister BMW :tongue
Fantastic new models Tom! It's about time I got one of those GT3 RS's myself! I just love the 635 Jagermeister too! :eek:k :cheers
Hey what a coincidence....even i bought a GT3 RS and a BMW Jager #36 from modelissimo some days back. Those are some awesome models!!!
Great new additions Tom. I like the pics with the cars in the background - well done! :happy

:iagree This is making me shy away as well. They don't seem agressiv enough.
Thanks guys. Happy to be able to share them with you.

Gary - sorry also to hear of the damage. I share you guy's feeling on these wires. No doubt that it serves it's purpose in securing the opening parts. A pair of wire cutter would have helped but I didn't have one. It was just awkward holding the model in one hand and trying to pull that twisted wire through with the other. An exercise in patience which I don't have too much of. I started pulling it thinking for sure I'd break something or scratch the red stripes. :pullhair

The 635 does look tamed without any big spoilers or flares. However, I love the shape of the street car so I don't mind that the race car keeps most of it's true form. There are enough changes in the interior, rear trunk, engine bay and undercarriage to make it interesting enough to spend money for.
Very nice models and the pictures are also very nice congrats :cheers
WOW! # 1 That is one of the best pictures I've seen of the Bimmer. I too do not have one yet...... it is on my list but not on the top.

WOW! # 2 After reading everyone's remarks, I am surprised to see that I am not the only one that doesn't have the Porsche GT3 RS. I hope I can fix that problem tonight or this weekend (time to buy)....

(I'm also still putting money back for the Mazda racer)...

Life on a die-cast budget is really SAD friends, I have to tell you.....

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