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*Warning* 1/18 Muscle cars are like M&Ws, you can't just stop at one! :giggle

Not knowing which Ertl they had it would be a tough call as there are some gems, the same as ther are some turkeys. If you jotted down a few, I could give you MHO on which one I would get.

It is easier on the H/W 61 side as 99% of them are great and you get a lot of value for your money. At $39, they are priced $10 below the $49 MSRP so you are ahead there.
The '70 Mustangs or any of the '70-'71 Cuda/Challengers would be my first choice.
The up-and-coming '69 Camaros would be next.
My third choice would be their Olds 442's or the Hemi Coronets (actually anything with a Hemi).
You have a leg up since you are able to see them at a store and spot chrome problems (if any. Most of us have to get the Hot Wheels/61s through the mail and hope that they are flawless.

Outside of these, and if I was going to add just ONE, it would be the Lane '70 Chevelles or any of the GMP GTOs.

Remember, I am restraining myself to recommend just one or two.

BTW, Welcome to the slipery-slope! :tempted
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