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Two twin Mustang Convertibles

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These two 1965 Ford Mustang convertibles were salvaged from the scrap yard and "restored" to their present conditions.
A generous diecast dealer named Mark graciously included the pair of Mustangs in my order for free as they were deemed junk.

When they arrived, the two cars were in very bad shape and quite rough. Three of the four doors were broken off at the hinges and the bodies were in three major parts- the front, the rear and the slim piece under the doors that united the two. The white metal of the cars was crumbling and cracking. There was a quarter-size hole in the trunk lid of one car; the other car had a huge hunk broken off of the rear quarter panel. One steering wheel column was destroyed and missing although the steering wheel, thankfully, was intact. Parts and pieces everywhere. What a mess!
However, after about a week in jigs and bracing the two cars became whole. I used a light gray primer to cover areas where there was noticeable damage- on the trunk lid and a front fender. I considered a repaint of the cars but the bodies were too weak to withstand those procedures. So I tried to keep the original paint's integrity as much as possible.
I finished up with some 45 year old decals that were left from my teenage plastic model kit days. It was actually a test to see if they would adhere and actually they did quite well. What a surprize.

The side "detailing" was done with a black magic marker and orange decals.

Even though the models are fragile and the fit and finishes are crude, they both seem to typlify the first cars teenagers might have who want something different but have limited budgets.
And, though the bodies look like h*ll, what matters most is what is under the hood, and in these two cases, the Mustangs have all the speed "goodies" to kick some butt.




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If they were such basket cases you did a wonderful job! :nicejob
And :welcome aboard the asylum! :cheers
Welcome aboard and glad to have you.

Thanks for sharing your work with us :cheers
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Welcome Bob!
You have a couple "one of a kinds" there :nicejob
Welcome to DX Bob!!
You did quite a job bringing those two Pony's back to life. . . :nicejob :nicejob
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:welcome Hey, those mustangs look real good to me and, your right,they look like the first car alot of us bought. Goes to show that with a little imagination and skill, almost no diecast is really junk. And welcome to the group!
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Nice job and welcome to the forum!
Lovely work you've done there Bob

to DX (The friendliest forum on the web) that was a brilliant first posting :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob
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