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Tyrrell P34 #4 P.Depailler GP Monaco F1 1977 (Truescale)

The exterior is very well the perfect paint and tampon printing too, the car can be removed part of the cockpit and the wing, the rims and tires are very well reproduced, the tires have their inflation valves, in addition the 6 wheels can be disassembled

The front is well detailed, when removing the wheels you can see better the suspension with its brake discs with its cooling ducts, which are rubber and lead to the metal flanges, the steering is practicable

The interior is well detailed, the seat is plastic and the cloth harnesses, the dashboard is well reproduced with its marker of revolutions, in the back is all the wiring, a detail that I do not like are the pedals that do not They are very detailed

The engine is very detailed, you can see the engine with all its components with their wiring and rubber and metal hoses as well, I like the detail of the wiring in different colors and the transparent fuel pipes that go to the injectors, in addition to The metal grids of the trumpets of admsion, the radiator that is next to the wing carries a metal photo etched

Now the photos

1º round

2º round

3º round

4º round

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