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Assorted classic Ferraris by KK-Scale - Ferrari GT4 2+2, Ferrari 365GTC/4, Ferrari 275 Pininfarina Spyder https://www.diecastx...is-by-kk-scale/

Bentley Continental Fastback and Jaguar Mark II https://www.diecastx...mark-ii-update/

Black Italian Stallions - Lamborghini SV, Ferrari Daytona and Maserati Ghibli https://www.diecastx...lian-stallions/

BMW E36 M3 Coupe and Cabrio Dakar Yellow https://www.diecastx...o-dakar-yellow/

BMW E46 series collection BMW E46 series collection

BMW E9 series BMW E9 series

1/18 BMW E39 M5 and siblings - 1/18 BMW E39 M5 and siblings

BMW juggernauts, 2 Bangle 7ers and a F02 https://www.diecastx...7ers-and-a-f02/

Classic Corvettes C3 and C4 Classic Corvettes C3 and C4

Cheapskate Luxury - Rolls and Bentley https://www.diecastx...ls-and-bentley/

Classic BMW 3ers Classic BMW 3ers

Classic BMWs E12 520i M535i and 2002 Turbo Classic BMWs E12 520i M535i and 2002 Turbo

Classic Rolls Royces and Bentley S3 Continental MPW https://www.diecastx...ontinental-mpw/

Classic Rolls Royces and Bentleys https://www.diecastx...s-and-bentleys/

Daimler DS420 Limo by Oxford https://www.diecastx...limo-by-oxford/

Ferrari F355 Comparo Ferrari F355 comparo

Ferrari 410 Superamerica HWE and Foundation comparison Ferrari 410 Superamerica HWE and Foundation comparison

Ferrari 550/575M - Ferrari 550/575M

Ferrari Dinos https://www.diecastx...-ferrari-dinos/

Ferrari Mondial, Maserati Biturbo and Alfa Romeo GTV2.0 https://www.diecastx...fa-romeo-gtv20/

Fiat X1/9 and the sister car, Porsche 914 https://www.diecastx...ar-porsche-914/

Grosser vs. Corniche: Old Car Challenge https://www.diecastx...-car-challenge/

GTR generations https://www.diecastx...tr-generations/

Hoonmobile! https://www.diecastx...969-hoonmobile/

Jaguar E Type and friends https://www.diecastx...pe-and-friends/

Jaguar S-Type and X-Type with Mark II https://www.diecastx...e-with-mark-ii/

Japanese classic automobiles - Datsun 240Z, Mazda RX7 FB, Mazda Cosmo Sport, Toyota 2000GT https://www.diecastx...ic-automobiles/

KK-Scale Models BMW E21 318i https://www.diecastx...8i-quick-snaps/

KK-Scale Models BMW E23 733i https://www.diecastx...s-bmw-e23-733i/

Lambo Countach Trio https://www.diecastx...-countach-trio/

Lamborghini Countach comparo between Bburago and Autoart - https://www.diecastx...go-and-autoart/

Lamborghini Diablo Group - Lamborghini Diablo Group

Lotus Esprit Type 79 and Esprit V8 https://www.diecastx...-and-esprit-v8/

Lexus GS400 by Autoart Lexus GS400 by Autoart

LS Collectibles - Porsche 944 Turbo https://www.diecastx...sche-944-turbo/

Maserati Biturbo by Minichamps https://www.diecastx...-by-minichamps/

Mercedes SL Group R198 - R129 https://www.diecastx...roup-r198-r129/

Mercedes 500SL (R129) KK-scale vs Revell Mercedes 500SL (R129) KK-scale vs Revell

Mercedes W124 series https://www.diecastx...es-w124-series/

Minichamps Volvo 240GL https://www.diecastx...ps-volvo-240gl/

My Citroen Madness - DS, SM and CX https://www.diecastx...s-ds-sm-and-cx/

My UT Porsche 993 obsession https://www.diecastx...-993-obsession/

Pair of British finest from the 80s. RR Silver Spirit and Bentley Turbo R https://www.diecastx...entley-turbo-r/

Pontiac Fiero Pontiac Fiero

Porsche 964 Cabrio by Anson - Porsche 964 Cabrio by Anson

Porsche 911 - Solido and Minichamps https://www.diecastx...and-minichamps/

Porsche 930 Slantnose (Revell) https://www.diecastx...antnose-revell/

Porsche 944 Evolution https://www.diecastx...ion-pics-heavy/

Red Ferrari - Gang of Four - Red Ferrari - Gang of Four

The silver Skyline GTR trio https://www.diecastx...yline-gtr-trio/

Top Gear cheap Porsche challenge... well almost https://www.diecastx...ge-well-almost/

Vector W8 https://www.diecastx...4233-vector-w8/

Wedge shape supreme - the ultimate 70s mobiles https://www.diecastx...te-70s-mobiles/

Yellow Ferrari Supercars https://www.diecastx...rari-supercars/


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Hello again!

That's more like it......Cracking collection and great display....is it IKEA??

BTW not too many seem to have gone for the blue Kyo Uracco.....but I reckon it's a classic.....you can see mine here.... if you like...

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Yea they are IKEA Billy, with corner shelf and height extension. I got 7 shelves all together but i try to limit my main collection to just 3 shelves :p

i actually wanted a lighter colour Urraco but I got this one at bargain price. I don't mind the blue but the dark blue does conceal some of the details unless you look at it under bright light.

that is one brilliant looking Urraco Rally you got there. I like Lamborghinis in outrageous colour schemes. :)

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My newest haul from trip down to city today. I don't usually pay attention to aussie v8 scene but these deals are too good to pass up.

All are in 1/43 scale both Falcons are made by Biante, $15 each. And the Monaro concept is from AutoArt for $20. Bought 2 Monaros, one for myself another as my mate's surprise birthday pressie. he will probably go nut over it as he always wanted a Monaro himself. Couldnt get an actual for him or the scaled production version but this is probably close enough.

couple of high res up close shot of the Monaro for anyone who is interested

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received this last week from the mail

The badly modeled Bburago Countach and Miura always bother me so I decided to do something about them over the weekend.

Shaved the rear window louvers so it doesnt have the silly curved shape anymore. Painted rims gold to give it a bronze look. No more chrome bling rims! :)

Got the inspiration for Countach from nicadraus' blog. Added black surround for headlamps and painted side windows black. The Countach I have is the re-released version with ugly chrome rims. Was going to paint it matte grey to try to match the real one but at the end decided to try gold instead. Too bad I couldn't do anything with the out of shape body. :(


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Hey great collection you have there, very well displayed. Ferraris and Lamborghinis are also of major interest to me. I see you are a Perth resident, I occasionally travel to your part of Australia and love visitng the Pitstop Bookshop. Check out some of my shots of Ferraris and Lamborghinis in California recently:


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grinberg: Yea the euro spec one with lower front spoiler looks quite good on 308. I remember reading somewhere that you were going to blow 100 bucks on a model for your birthday. Have you decided on which car to buy?

simondc07: thanks for the compliment. I am running out of display space quick.
But i am leaning towards 1/43 scale lately so that will buy me some time before having to extend my collection to the next shelf.
I checked out the photos you took during the car week. the one that caught my eyes are the classics from 60s and 70s.

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Have you decided on which car to buy?
Yes, I went for the Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV -80 1:18 in red by Autoart, the Alfetta is a car that I always wanted since I was a teenager when seeing it at the car dealer... Car is on the way and my birthday is on sunday. :) I mainly collect 1:43, but I thought I'd buy some cars that I REALLY want in 1:18. Ferrari 308/328 is on that list, BB512, Mondial 3.2... Lambo Urraco... Alfa Montreal... well the list is too long actually... lol

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Great Ferraris, 308 is stunnig, i have a soft spot for non red Ferraris
Thanks Kenz. I usually go for red Ferraris but will gladly settle for yellow on certain models. The root of 308 can be traced back to the older Dino and I always thought Dino looks great in yellow. Hence the decision on a yellow 308. Besides it appears that the yellow one is cheaper than the red Kyosho 308.

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Been a while since i last posted here. In the past few months I acquired the following:

Kyosho Ferrari 365 GTB4
Autoart Lamborghini Espada
Revell Mercedes W123
Sunstar Mercedes W210
Hot Wheels Foundation Ferrari Superamerica 410
Kyosho Mercedes E211 Estate
Chrono Ferrari 512BB
Maisto Porsche 997
Welly Nissan 350Z

A quick update on my collection

My wife surprised me with a belated xmas pressie...

I always wanted a 50s Caddy with pointy fin tailight but the Maisto version I could find locally is way overpriced and just not good enough. This one might do for me for now. :)

A friendly reminder to anyone who wish to add this to their collection but have limited shelf or display space, this thing is huge! I couldn't even fit it into a 40cm wide billy bookcase so at the end i had clear another deck in the adjacent bookshelf to put it in.

see a comparison between the humongous caddy next to the 350z.

Also just picked up an AutoArt Corvette C6 convertible for only $30 bucks in town today. I think I read somewhere that AUTOart was dumping some of their corvettes dirt cheap a while back due to oversupply not sure if that is case. If so that might explains the pricetag. There was one left when I left the store.

Stumbled across this very old Countach book in the 2nd hand bookshop next to the hobby shop. This book will compliment the AUTOart Countach 5000s and Ricko Countach 25th anniv I am currently waiting in the mail well.


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Some new updates...

Dino 246 GT and GTS shot (Hot Wheels and Anson)

A new Ferrari 512 BBi in the BB group shot.

Urraco and Urraco Rallye, black and yellow Miura SVs.

Countaches group shot

(from left to right)
Bburago Countach 5000QV
AutoArt Countach LP500s
Kyosho COuntach LP400
Ricko Countach 25th Anniv

Comparison shot between the Bburago and AUTOart countach

More photos can be viewed at http://www.flickr.co...ith/6770027607/

thanks for viewing.
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