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updated pic of 745...

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this assembly has been improved from the first i did yesterday. i changed the calipers to the OEM ones on the car but i dont know if you can see it...
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thanks for all the comments... i appreciate the kind words!
thanks fellas...nice car you got in that sig, JT 742. who makes that?
thanks! i know, the welly models are shit in detail, but i HAVE to admit, the paint on the welly is nice! it's a pearlescent black with gold sparkles. pretty nice for $16.99 at KB toys (local chain toystore). they have pretty cheap models; but none of the prices near sam's club or costco for maistos. as far as lowering the car, the height on the back of the car is as low as it goes, and i'm content with it! thanks for the feedback though. trust me, i wanted it to have no fender gap!

the brake calipers on there now are OEM...haha...oem... those rims are from ebay so they come with the chromed ones. too much chrome for me with some chrome calipers...
nice, cdx! what do you plan to do? i'm fairly happy with what i did to my 745, being my first real custom. i wish i found a way i could turn the wheels because they are on a single axle as of now. but whatever, it looks really clean! hope to see yours soon...
hey cdx; nice car. who makes this one? is it like gafote's ls? his is real nice. where did you get it? anyways, what i do is...just cut the wheels and the stubs that hold em on, off. for me, for instance, taking the wheels off maistos are good just to swap maistos/maistos (maybe because i havent found a way to put other rims on the OEM stuff) but if you have to, get ballsy and just do it! i'm sure you've done some custom stuff, and if it werent for this forum, i wouldnt have known anything. just do it! let me know what you do to your 745s... i want to clean things up too. the interior "wood" looks like shit!
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