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updated pic of 745...

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this assembly has been improved from the first i did yesterday. i changed the calipers to the OEM ones on the car but i dont know if you can see it...
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Wow! That's cool! Never thought a welly could look so good! Good job! Maybe lowering it a tad will make it look even better!
I was planning on detailing the insides, fix the "odd" looking grill in the front, change the wheels, and also fix up the head lights. Likes yours, a Welly can be dressed nicely :cool :cheers
I need to find rims first though..... :giggle
I have some 1:18 ones but for the size of this car, the rims i have is too small. Probably used these rims on my LS430, the stock rims on that LS430 looks like crap!
Here's my LS430 that i'm playing to do a simple rim switch.. though I have no idea how to remove them..
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MotorMax makes that LS430 :lol It looks great in pictures, it looks like crap in person, interior detail is... there isn't any.... exterior... bad paint... but the worst part is... HORRIBLE rims!!

Oh, i have done some customs, but i don't post them, until i think they are perfect :giggle
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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