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UT '78 Vette Black

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Took more pics of the vette :danbana :happy

and UT did not put L-88 on the hood, its L-82 :eek:ops
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More pics :tongue

:woohoo :tongue
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That is a very impressive piece!! :cheers
Looks delicious and decadent in black, RG! :tongue To me, black is the ONLY way to go with the Stingray. :mine
I can look at this model all day long :tongue

Thanks for sharing :cheers
great car and pics :cheers

looks awesome in black :cheers
Black is the color for this Vette! :cheers
Gorgeous! I have to get one like this! Great pics.
Thanks Ric :cheers
Thanks Speedfiend :cheers i agree with you only BLACK color should be allowed :giggle
Thanks Nuendo :cheers
Thanks Dx :cheers
Me too i just drool over it. :giggle
Thanks road warrior :cheers
Yes the vette looks awesome in black :cool
Thanks Max Power :cheers
Love Black cars they look MEAN :tongue
Thanks Denali :cheers

You need to hunt this car for a long time :giggle
and its hard to find a '78 L-82 BLACK Vette
I was lucky to find it dirt cheap on ebay.
Man, This car is a stuning!!!
It looks awesome..and hard to get
Congrats, :cheers
Thanks Alon :cheers
Yes it looks awesome :cool
Black is THE color for just about any kind of Muscle Car. This UT Vette is one I'd like in the future, they are awesome and great work on the pics. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks Patty :cheers
If you find one jump on it FAST, they rare on ebay.

BTW i just B.I.N. on a '82 Corvette Collectors Edition on ebay :woohoo
Was :tempted from RM pics :lol
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