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A couple of years ago, I bought a second hand UT 911 GT1.

Sadly, it got damaged during shipping.

The engine cover broke loose and badly scratched the body and especially the clear parts :

The scratches can be polished out, but the windshield has a crack in the middle :

After looking for years, I found a replacement part for the windshield. But I had to file a complaint with Paypal to receive it and it's not the same as the one that was posted on the webshop. It has a lot of scratches and lacks the big Porsche decal (that decal was on the one pictured on the webshop).

I did some work to this model some years ago and managed to polish out most of the scratches on the clear parts.

During disassembly, I broke one of the wheels, but managed to make a silicone mould and cast a replacement.

Now that I have a "new" windshield, I'll start working on this model again.

The body will basically be left unaltered, but I will polish out all the scratches made during shipping.

I'll ask my decal guy Tim to design and print a new decal for the windshield.

The interior will be modified and will receive plenty of details.

The biggest changes will be done to the rear suspension, gearbox and engine.

Stay tuned for more during next week...



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Hi Steve, yes it is a big job. The difficulty is freeing the parts from unwanted pieces of plastic, like you will see below...

Here we go.

The exhaust pipes are attached to the suspension arms with big blocks of plastic :

It was a delicate job to remove these without breaking the fragile suspension arms, but it worked. The gaps will be filled with pieces of rod later :

I also removed the big white box because it will be replaced with a semi clear piece of plastic and I needed to remove the plastic plate that sat behind it because the real car has a tubular frame in stead of a solid plate :

A lot of plastic needs to be removed from the rear bottom plate, I started on the left side :

The solid pieces of plastic will be replace by copper wire.

A bit like this : here are 2 photos of my Maisto 1/18 Porsche 911 GT1. Everything you see in the first photo was scratchbuild :

I might finish the Maisto one day, just need to find a cool livery.

Back to the UT one. This big hunk of plastic was removed from the left side of the engine :

Work was done to free the big black tube :

Used my lathe to make a replacement for the silver colored container (oil reservoir ?) :

The left side now looks a lot better compared to the unaltered right side :

The suspension arm will be replaced by the nail from a rivet.Later on, all the tubing will be added :

More parts were freed from unwanted plastic, right unaltered side :

Left modified side (not finished), here I also used the nail from a rivet. Cheap as dirt and very strong :

Those of you that are familiar with my builds, know that I always make extra room for the pedals. A big chunk of plastic was removed, it will be glued about 7 mm futher to the front to make space for the pedals and extra details. It was in the same place as the big block on the front right side. I also extended the tunnel with a U-shaped piece of plastic, 7 mm long. The hole on the right on the floorboard was were the fire extinguisher was, this will also be replaced by a scratchbuild one :

That's it for now. Quite happy with how things are going with this model.

Feel free to comment.

PS : The Moby Dick will be finished in the coming months. Had some problems with the clear coat that I put on the headlight lenses. Got tired of Moby Dick fighting me constantly, so I put it to the side for a few weeks. I've also been busy working on the Minichamps Porsche 956 and have started building a 1/18 scale 2.8 liter 962/70 IMSA spec engine :

That engine is something that I've never seen in scale 1/18 or 1/24. It takes a HUGE amount of work to convert a standard 962 engine into the IMSA spec one.

The model that this engine is build for, will also need a lot of work.


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