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UT Models BMW M3 GTR

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Here's the next review, guys. This one's for UT Models'

The model is available in several different paint schemes but generally speaking the paint is richly applied without unpainted areas or rough edges. However the sponsor logos and the BMW badges are applied by decals and they are prone to peeling off over time.

The model is to scale and the proportions appear correct. The flared wheel arches capture the menacing stance of the real car reasonably well but the lights look too far set back although they are separate pieces of plastic. The tail lights are separate pieces of plastic too. The trunk does not open and the rear spoiler is made from plastic that bends easily. The trademark kidney grilles are not perforated but the grille effect is simulated by moulded grooves in the plastic. The front air dam is not perforated either. Windows are included on the doors and this makes the doors difficult to open but this is praise as the panel gaps are very tight.


As you'd expect from a race car, the interior has minimal features and the model's interior isn't badly rendered. The rollcage is included and the instruments are well defined. The seat lacks a textured feel and the seatbelts are moulded and painted in to the seat itself. The fire extinguisher is included as well.

The BBS racing wheels are very well detailed and the tyres are correctly branded (Yokohama). The brake discs are grooved and although they rotate with the wheels, they do not have brake calipers.

As with most of UT's models, the engine is simulated solely by a single piece of moulded plastic fitted to the "chassis" mould and this is obvious at a first look. The undercarriage detail is a slight improvement as the engine as the exhaust and tail pipe are made separately from the underbody of the model.

As only UT Models makes the E36 BMW M3 GTR, they have no competition to speak of.

UT Models no longer make diecast models so their models are becoming increasingly rarer, especially the street version. The model's quality is fair and it is fetching sizeable prices on eBay.

UT did a reasonably good effort of replicating the M3 GTR in 1/18 but the poor engine detail is its biggest letdown. It will look good in most model racing collections.
Total Score - 34/50

Next week's review will be on Kyosho's Acura NSX.

Thanks to the Diecast Zone for the use of their pictures.

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Sweet.. can't wait for the NSX review!! you're doing an awsome job with these reviews !! Keep it up
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Another fantastic review :jk:
Darren, I really enjoy these, thanks for posting them :mrgreen:
Thats not a bad review at all. Thanks for posting. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Another great review Darren! :sm:
gr8 review, keep em coming :mrgreen:
Darren, which livery do you have?
Great review Darren, I agree that UT's decals suck and after a few years many cars are ruined when the decals start pealing off. Without pics I'm not sure which BMW you have but I guess it's the same car as the Jagermeister?
The particular model that I have has the "Daloon" livery scheme, as shown in the first picture. Most of the decals have peeled away on it now so I'm left with a very pretty paint scheme.
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