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Here's the next review, guys. This one is for the Porsche 911 (993 series) Turbo


The standard Turbo model is available in one of three colours: Metallic Black, Wine Red or Silver. The paint is perfectly applied without any unpainted areas, unevenly painted areas or rough edges.

The model is to scale and its but the proportions aren't perfect - the rear track of the model should be noticeably wider than the front track but it is only slightly wider, otherwise the proportions are fine. The fit and finish are very precise and the panel gaps are extraordinarily tight. The headlights, foglights and tail lights are well simulated with separate plastic parts but the foglights are clearly mounted on mounting posts. In addition the side repeaters are just painted on. The handles on the doors could be improved too as they are only moulded in to the doors so you can't open them with a thumb and finger.
The engine cover is perforated but it is made from plastic but the colour is so well applied to it that it is very difficult to tell it from the painted metal parts on the model just by looking. The Turbo insignia on the back of the engine cover is moulded with it too rather than applied with a sticker. The Porsche badge on the front compartment of the model is applied by a decal sticker but it is so well applied that it doesn't look like peeling for quite some time.

The doors have full windows and because the panel gaps are so tight and the door handles are moulded, it is rather difficult to open the doors. When you do manage to open the doors, you are greeted a rather plain interior. There is no carpet detail, just masses of hard plastic.

The dashboard and centre console are well rendered - the dash itself is represented by stickers and the centre console and instruments are simulated by moulded, painted plastic.

The pedals are correctly shaped but they are incorrectly coloured as they should be black but with the model, they are the same colour as the colour that dominates the interior. However as you can see with the pictures, this was later changed so the pedals were the correct colour. On the whole the detail can still be improved. The front compartment opens as well (with some difficulty) and there is some detail. It may not be carpeted but there is detail of items like the waterbox for the windscreen wipers and there is a cross brace that is fitted across the front suspension.


The tyres are unbranded but they are the correct shape (Porsche tyres are less rounded at the edges than most road car tyres) and have the correct tread. The "Turbo" wheels are very well replicated for the model. They also have the Porsche shield logo on the centre with detail for the wheel nuts. The brake disc detail is reasonable - the drilled holes are not genuine but rather depressions in the discs with black paint to simulate the holes.

The trademark red calipers are branded with the Porsche font and positioned correctly. Surprisingly for a model that first hit the shelves in 1999, the brake discs rotate with the wheels while the calipers remain fixed.


This is arguably the model's biggest shortcoming. When the engine cover is raised, all that you see of the engine is the huge intercooler and the cooling fan and not a lot more - the engine is simulated simply by a single piece of moulded and painted plastic.

The undercarriage detail is slightly better but plenty of improvements could be made. Some of the engine is shown underneath the model but again it is just a single piece of moulded plastic that represents the engine and exhausts.

Anson also make the 993 series 911 Turbo in 1/18 but UT's version wipes the floor with Anson's version in terms of quality and accuracy.

As almost every collector knows UT no longer makes models but with that said, the 1/18 911 series by UT is hardly rare or expensive (except for the Turbo S or GT2 versions).

Generally speaking, UT made a very good effort with making the 911 Turbo in 1/18 scale. The poor engine detail is by far the model's biggest failing. Still even with that fault, it is definitely worth buying if you are a Porsche/performance car model collector.

Total Score - 33/50

Many thanks to Allan Lee for kindly donating these pictures. :mrgreen:

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i really wish i have this one... prices on Ebay are still on the high side... without adding in the shipping..... (which probably cost as much as the model itself) :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

wierd thing i noticed about the UT 993s...
i have 2 of em, a 911RS and a 911GT2, the GT2's doors are moulded in like u described for the Turbo, but for the RS, there is actually a gap in between the door handle and the door (like the real car), so u can pry the door open.. the RS also has a carpeted interior

Thanks for the great review. :mrgreen:

Started out strong and faltered at the end, good marks nevertheless :mrgreen:
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