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Various Cars

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Since I've been sick for the past few days I decided to take a few pictures of cars I'm touching up. The first two are of my three cars with Ro_ja GT-S rims, a 911 Carrera 4S, a LanEvo8, and a Lexus SC430:


Here's a shot of the new grill i put in the Evo:
The 911 got a spoiler donated from a 1:24 Import Racer Veilside 350Z. I trimmed it to size but found that no matter where I put it on the hatch the hatch wouldn't open so I took some time and worked in a little hinge which allows the engine to be opened while the spoiler just tilts up a little.

Finally some pictures of my three cars with Oasis B1 rims on them:
And the GS and EXT up close:

Alot of this was a good exercise with my camera, it's very hard to get correct exposures of black and chrome on the same car, esecially with mildly diffused incandescents. Enjoy!
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There are some very nice modifications there Gafotes. :nicejob

I like the Escalade and GS400 in particular. I'm a fan of the style or types of rims made by Dubcity, just not the scaling.

Hope you feel better soon.

Absolutely gorgeous ....except the Porsche (I personally hate black rims)

Great work indeed. Chrome on black just looks so right :cheers
Awesome pictures! :cheers
I love your GS400!!! It looks hot!! :phat
I'm thinking of using the same rims you've got on your SC430 on my MotorMax NSX/R. It's the same color as the one you did. If you were me, what color would you paint the rims?
I'd go for bright silver, chrome looks out of place on most cars (except on black cars in my opinion). Black would make a very dark look but as you can see on my 911, the detail of the wheels dissapears.

Thanks for all the comments guys!
Have you thought about painting the 911 wheels gunmetal or graphite? It would let a little more detail out. As for the NSX/R, what about white? I think the Lexus looks pretty good, and black suits it very well. . . White for the wheels that is. I've gone with your suggestion for the wheels on my Lexus, silver inserts, leaving the outer rim chrome, and MOX's suggestion for the interior, medium gray for the outer parts of the seat, and light gray for the inserts.
:iagree :iagree It looks great with those rims, nice work for your other mods too :nicejob
Agree with others on the GS, those are really really nice rims. Should really putty up them holes left on the Porsche after taking out the lisence plate though...
nice cars you got there
I must say the all look great. I have to agree with the others the GS400 looks brilliant. More pics???
Very cool mods for just rims!!! I absolutely love the GS!!! Thats like something I would get in real life.!
The Mitsi's definitely my favourite but they all look superb! :nicejob :nicejob
I wish I could putty up the holes, but I dont really want to repaint the entire car. Perhaps sometime in the future.
Nice work man.

Where'd you get that grill mesh you put in the Evo? That stuff looks nice

Always great work :nicejob

I think the wheels on the 911 look fantastic :tongue
The grill mesh is a wireform mesh that I bought at Michaels Art Supply (big chain store). Its a nice, closely spaced metal mesh which can be easily cut with scissors. It paints nicely too.
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