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Just had a little fun messing around with my veilside S2K. It was already supercharged but I removed the airbox, rearranged the supercharger and added an intercooler. Also a pair of cone filters now feed the supercharger:

Click on the pictures to get a slightly larger view of the engine. Here's a pic from the original cars engine, if you want exterior pics they're on my site (click the sig):

The whole setup. Stole the brace from an import racer 1:24.

The cone filters right behind the radiator. The setup is alot like this guys': http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/637618/2

The HKS intercooler (perfect fit because the car already had HKS parts and the decal on the side).

To be fair its not done yet because I have no area to paint. So you may notice that the SC pipe has a massive gash where I had to cut the pipe off and twist it around. Also the radiator hose magically become chrome just before it actually gets to the radiator.

I don't mean to sound silly (too late eh?) but what exactly is that little chrome loop on the front of the intercooler? I'm confused about that little bit.

As soon as I can paint again i'll finish the piping up right.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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