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My most recent addition, Best of Show's 1957 Volvo Sport P1900. The P1900 was Volvo's own little competitor for the Corvette, and while it wasn't as successful as the later P1800, quite a few of the 68 that were made still hang around at shows in Sweden.

Best of Show made a handful of Volvos in 1:18, 1:43, and 1:87, most of them are long gone off the market, fortunately I was able to get this at a reasonable price. It really makes me miss BoS and buying them for cheap (often buy 2 get 1 free) from American Excellence... they were hit-or-miss on quality control, but their subject matter was fantastic, a niche of European and American curiosities spanning almost the entire 20th century. And this had to be one of their best, maybe the best from them in my collection so far. Enjoy the photos 馃槃

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