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Can someone give explicit details on wetsanding as I have done it before.

All my models that I have painted, I have never done any wetsanding afterwards. So therefore I'm needing some tips.

I am going to paint a yellow Enzo white, and want the paint to be flawless since its going to be so light. :mrgreen:

thanks in advance :mrgreen:

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Hey X, after you primer it. Give it a hour or two then use a 600 grit sandpaper to sand down the parts that are not even. Sometimes you don't have to do it if your spray comes out good. But if you want it to be flawless like you said, you might want to check every area and sand before you paint. Good luck! :sm:

I'm thinking about the white enzo too but I'm still on the 360 spider. :knutkck:

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Here are two books that have served me well...

"The Modeler's Guide to Scale Automotive Finishes"
Pat Covert
1997, Kalmbach Books
ISBN 0-89024-265-8

"Painting and Finishing Scale Models"
Paul Boyer
1991, Kalmbach Books
ISBN 0-89024-108-2

Both should be available on Amazon. Primarily focused on plastic modeling but most techniques are applicable to diecast mods.
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