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Looks great Hybrid theory, was tempted by that one myself! How did you find the shipping from Germany to the UK?
Thanks I would recommend this model, shipping takes a couple of days longer than usual, and mine was stopped at customs. But if you ring up you can pay the fees straight away and it's delivered next working day, instead of waiting ages for a letter through the post.

You just get charged the 20% VAT, which CK remove upfront anyway and parcel force charge a £12 handling fee on top.

So it's not all bad after brexit, the VAT is pretty much the same as said above, just you have a minimum order value now of £135 plus shipping is 20 Euro's now and the £12 parcel fee which is the same for whatever amount you order, so better to buy more models at once to offset the fees a bit.

I wouldn't think like to have to send a model back tho as I'm sure you would loose out on the 20% VAT paid & £12 handling fee.
1 - 10 of 5469 Posts