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What Did You Buy Today? Part II (Please post ONE pic per add and DO NOT quote pics)

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Hi all, as the original thread has some glitches we've decided to start a new one, all 2020 adds onwards will go here.


These are added by Rattler,


[background=rgb(248, 248, 248)]1991 FORD MUSTANG GT 5.0 MET. GREEN "HOME IMPROVEMENT" TV SERIES[/background]

[background=rgb(248, 248, 248)]
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Whenever I think I've overdone it, I just check Craig's latest post

Great haul!

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Nice adds - Just goes to show that F1 cars aren't getting any prettier!

My favourite era must be the late 70s/early 80s - The P34, the 72 and the 312Ts - Great cars and models.

I don't pretend to understand the process, but maybe the cost of producing moulds that would support production of 1,000s of resins is far higher than one which supports production of 100s?

If the difference was, say, 10 fold ($20,000 vs $2,000) then the gamble on selling enough to cover the cost might make the whole project impractical.

The livery on the Maserati looks great, I didn't know this one!
Me neither, I prefer the black/turquoise one, personally, but this is an interesting option - Where did it race, as I don't recall it in period?

ETA - Answered my own question - it finished second at Spa in 2010

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Very tempted to the Joest Mazda, but I think I'm going to resist.

I haven't bought a model for a while so these are my latest purchases.
I see you got the Topspeed Castrol Ford GT - I was very tempted as I went to Daytona in 2019, but it sold out quickly everywhere.

l have never seen the 365P in silver - Pre-dates the McLaren F1 by 30 years with it's central seating too
But Marcos did it 6 years before that!


Great community spirit here!

Well done, Craig, on helping an Aussie collector (I just hope you don't get a flood of requests now!

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Once upon a time there was a manufacturer called "BBR" offering 1/18 high end diecast models on par with CMC:
That's a great model - I have one and it really is excellent.

BBR used to make some stellar diecasts - The 512BB LM is another.

I was on YouTube looking at a three-parter of the 1964 Road America 500 and although my original reason for coming on the site was just to verify the number on the Chaparral 2 in the race for one of my histories here, I watched the whole thing. Fascinating...

And I was struck by the fact that Jim Hall not only entered a Chaparral, he also entered a Corvette Grand Sport, the same one he and some hired gun named Roger Penske drove in the Sebring 12-Hours earlier that year. The pair and Hap Sharp would co-drive the GS while also rotating in the Chaparral (they'd do the same thing in next year's race, replacing the now-retired Penske with Ronnie Hissom and Bruce Jennings - no, not that one! - and finish 1-2 in two Chaparrals). In the 1964 event the Chaparral retired with brake issues but the Grand Sport would finish 3rd, losing 2nd place to the Ken Miles/John Morton/Skip Scott Cobra roadster in the last few minutes due to having to stop to fix a loose wheel.

I'm not a classic Corvette fan, but that history made me sit up and pay attention when I found out that Exoto issued a model of this car. In addition, this add is an example of eBay's "Make An Offer" option working the way it's supposed to: REALLY well in my favor
The Exoto Grand Sport is a nice model, I've had a soft spot for the GS since receiving a book with a section on the GS's history in it many years ago and picked one up in one of Exoto's sales many years ago (mine's the more familiar blue, though, as the shot that inspired my interest was).

I've resisted for a while, but I succumbed again recently, buying two new diecasts.

First to arrive is this one - The MGC Mercedes G4.

It's a fairly basic model, but at under £60 and being a bit of a behemoth, it's not bad and who doesn't like a 6-wheeled Nazi-mobile?!

The black paint is pretty well done at this price and the interior pretty good for the money, I think - I've certainly seen more crudely finished interiors at far higher prices.

The tyres are probably the most disappointing aspect, looking too hard and plastic, but overall I'm not unhappy with it.

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The second of my recently purchased diecasts arrived late yesterday.

This is one of the Minichamps Sauber C9s.

I wanted a sprint spec car in something other than resale silver as I have a Norev 1989 Le Mans winner and this unusual livery fitted the bill perfectly.

Initial feeling, without putting them side by side, is that this is a bit nicer than the Norev and probably worth the extra £20, but I'll try and get around to posting some photos of the 3 makes (I have an Exoto, too) side by side for comparison.

On the basis of this one though, If I saw an AEG livery Minichamps C9 at a good price, I'd probably get it to complete the set and I'm awaiting their C11 with interest.

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Another 1:12 added to the collection - 1:12 Mercedes CLK GTR. It's got a small bit of decal damage and a couple of easy to fix issues, but only paid £100 for it so I'm not that bothered. I'm contemplating getting rid of all the decals and doing a kind of road conversion as racing cars aren't my thing. what do you think???

Seller's pic from eBay
It's your model, but it IS a racing car, so I'd leave it in race livery personally (although racing cars ARE my thing
) unless the decal damage is significant.

Of course, there were a few (at least one anyway!) road going versions, so at least it wouldn't be a total fantasy car.

If you just want rid of it, as it's a racing car, I'll give you what you paid

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Got these two today in: Minichamps Mercedes 300SL W198 on Ebay. The Norev Citroen DS23 is a local buy, got it secondhand, dusty and without box but for a nice price (40 euro). Really like the color on both.
Nice classics there.

I especially like the Citroen.

Dave, with all these adds, where do you keep your family - in the garage

I for one have blown my budget for the rest of 2020 and Christmas and - oh, yeah, my Mom's birthday is coming up...Well, she likes singing phone calls - who doesn't?

But this was a must-have and, as usual, grabbed it with a last-second snipe - one of BBR's later (and pushing last, ignoring all the Ferrari F1s they put out) - diecasts (seller's pic):
Worth spending on, IMO.

I have this one too and I just love everything about it.

Not least, that I saw it race at Le Mans in period (God, I'm getting old

I paid an insane £190 for mine in 2012, but I still think it was good value!

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There was a time, not so long ago, when you could pick up some of the less popular livery Exoto 917 Spyders for under £100 - I'm not a big Porsche fan really, but I wish I'd bought one looking back!

Looks excellent - Which livery is it? It looks like the CAM2 closed circuit record car, but the sidepod looks gold.

Oh well!
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About the Porsche, yes its the Cam2 livery. The sidepods are chrome just like the Sunoco version. Thanks mate, indeed looks excellent.
Ah, I see there's a reflection in the chrome, which what was confusing me - Thanks :)


I've got a traditional red, white and blue R89C, but I think there's something quite special about the rarer liveries on these.

I'd love one of the From-A yellow ones (nearly bought one a few times when Exoto had good value sales, but really, one is enough) or the Courage run one, but I don't think I've ever seen the Men's Tenora livery except on Exoto's site - Nice buy!

Another first - my first Exoto, the 1988 Daytona 24 hour winner. A relative bargain in current terms at just over £200, looks like it's in good condition. Seller's photo:
The Castrol colours always look good - I've got one of these and the Le Mans winner in Silk Cut colours.

£200 does seem a good price these days, assuming it's in as good condition as the photo suggests.

I hope you're happy with it when it arrives.

I really need to re-organise my display cabinet now, I have some absolute beauties that are still in their boxes!
The boxed diecast issue is one most of us face!

I really should sell a lot of the ones I have, as many have only ever been out of the box for a quick check on arrival!

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