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What Did You Buy Today? Part II (Please post ONE pic per add and DO NOT quote pics)

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Hi all, as the original thread has some glitches we've decided to start a new one, all 2020 adds onwards will go here.


These are added by Rattler,


[background=rgb(248, 248, 248)]1991 FORD MUSTANG GT 5.0 MET. GREEN "HOME IMPROVEMENT" TV SERIES[/background]

[background=rgb(248, 248, 248)]
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Great adds guys!

Today I've received this classic, Porsche 930 Turbo by AutoArt

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Great adds, guys!

Today, I've received this Almost Real, totally recommended!

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Awesome on the 720! How do you like it? Just ordered the white one as well.

I'm very surprised with this model, it's a relly good job by AutoArt; specially the paint job.

You've done a very good purchase!
Very great adds, guys!

Specially the 600LT by LCD, Dave! I'm waiting the same.

Today, I've received this two models:

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Many thanks!

I had this model on my wishlist for a long time, old but gold AutoArt.
2 lovely models - I especially like that shade of orange!
Is the Miura the recent re-release?
Thanks Chaim!

Yes, it's the re-release, a good option for add the model by a decent price
Nice adds guys, specially the 992 Targa Heritage Edition, I love it!
Very nice adds guys, the 993 is very diificult to find!

Today, I've received this Almost Real:

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21 - 40 of 5711 Posts