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I've been pretty lucky and have managed to get all my true grails so this would only mean enumerating the thousand auctions I wasn't quick enough or forgot about bidding on or didn't bid enough because there are any number of cars I wish I got at better prices or sold and finally bought back but at a premium

My one true regret is a car I sold rather than never bought: the Frank Stella BMW Art Car that I sold for a 41% profit, but would have to pay 350% more than my sales price to get it back

As for Exoto sales, I have 58 Exotos, but only bought 11 of them directly from the source, all during their old sales:

$198.95 ($200 off sale):
Silk Cut Jaguar XJR-9LM 1988 Le Mans winner

$148.95 ($350 off sale):
Ford GT40 Mk. IV #3 1967 Le Mans
Ford GT40 Mk. IV #4 1967 Le Mans

$119.97 (half-price sale):
Ford GT40 Mk. II 1966 Daytona 24-Hr. winner

Lotus 49B 1968 Monaco GP winner
Castrol Jaguar XJR-9 1988 Daytona 24-Hr. winner (two)
Cobra Daytona 1964 Goodwood TT class winner
Chaparral 2F 1967 Daytona 24-Hr.
Cobra Roadster 2nd place 1963 Road America 500

$74.97 (half-price sale, no external boxes, just styrofoam clamshells):
Lotus 49B 1968 2nd place U.S. GP
Lotus 49B 1968 British GP winner

I consider that a good haul over time under the circumstances...

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Wow - I just went through this entire thread from the beginning and it was an eye-opener, including my own post. I like to think my perspective at the time was a healthy one, being happy about the Holy Grails I had acquired and not sweating (too much) those I had missed. I showed more regret about those I sold and reacquired at exorbitant mark-ups - LOL!

Amyway, some of my regretted misses are:

Exoto Ferrari Sharknoses (there were times they were available well under the original list price of $598.95 - one of which times I grabbed one. I wanted one or two more but shouldn't be greedy!)
Exoto Alfa Romeo 159M (never in my wildest dreams did I think they would become the diecast equivalent of "unobtanium"!)
Exoto Williams FW14B (wasn't feeling them originally but by the time I was, I couldn't see paying the current prices for a model of a modern F1 car)
CMC Uhlenhaut (blue interior w/external muffler; I never made a serious effort to get one and now it will never happen; new versions leave me cold, and at those prices, that's a no-go)
Kyosho upgraded #19 Ferrari 250 GTO (would've loved the CMC but was too focused on the Kyosho before the CMC morphed into "unobtanium" class)
GMP 412P (the White Elephant variants, the Targa Florio version)
Minichamps Lew Hamilton Mercedes 2016-19 (priced to the extreme very quickly, nearly ending my goal of collecting a car for every year of his career)
Spark Ford GT40 (1965 Daytona 2000-K winner; at the time, I couldn't be bothered with resins but now this too is in the "unobtanium" category)
Andy Warhol BMW Art Car (this is a late addition so have no idea if I could have added it cheap, but since I did my other Art Cars, this would likely have been too, once upon a time...)
Tecnomodel McLaren M6A (I have the Donohue M6B but the factory McLaren was always the Holy Grail, and since no one else seems interested in releasing it...)
Tecnomodel Ford P68 (race versions only; was still baulking at the prices but belatedly appreciated this rare bird)

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Like so many of us, my list of "regrets" is huge, but to focus on a few highlights:

Exoto Alfa Romeo Alfetta 159/159M - at the time, I just couldn't handle the price and didn't have the appreciation I do now for select classic front-engined F1 cars, but if I had understood then that it would move into "unobtanium" status, I might have made the sacrifice to get one.
Exoto Williams FW14/14B - another re-evaluation, but this was based on my just not feeling a connection to the 1:1 unlike many of our UK/Mansell fans. Now they clearly are in "classic" status
Minichamps Mercedes W07-W10: I have made a point of collecting all of Lewis Hamilton's cars from his rookie year on but delayed picking up his 2016-19 ones because I had other priorities and now the prices have skyrocketed and many of them simply are not easy to find. I just can't justify paying those prices for F1 cars lacking any working features

Tecnomodel Ford P68
- My relatively low regard for Tecnomodel's overpriced and somewhat superficially detailed resin models has faded in view of their willingness to release models of race cars so many other model manufacturers bypass. This has always been on my list of one of the most beautiful race cars ever and now I appreciate it even more - though it too has evolved into "unobtanium" status....
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