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what is the difference between dealer & regular

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hi mates.
whats the difference between dealer & regular version on the models?
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That is a very good question! I'd like to know as well.
Is is just the packaging? Or is there more to it?
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Correct me if I am wrong,
Dealer editions are models which are more difficult to find. They normally have different livery/colour schemes and are more easily found on sale on the internet rather than in a local hobby shop. Again, from my knowledge, most of the DE are produced in limited quantities.
Of course, these would be at a higher price.
oh bye the way the difference is the packaging and base. that makes them much more desireable as they make them in small quantities and once they sell out they are very hard to get.
so, isnt there any difference on detail, quality, etc.?
In most cases, the models are identical. You can find them at your local car dealerships most of the time, but there are a lot of them that were only made for specific countries, and there are some special models not available from the model manufacturuer. Sometimes the dealer models might end up being cheaper than the standard release actually. However, there are some insane markup by the dealership most of the times.

Some model packaging, as Vetteking mentioned, are different. The MB CL500 for example, is displayed on a slate like base with a MB box. The recent Turbo S box is standard AUTOart, but it's in the dark grey packaing instead of having the AUTOart colour scheme.
I know by the Porsche and BMW dealer editions I have , that the only difference between them and regular releases are the colour and the packaging .

With Porsche , they are exclusive in dealer colours , same as the 1:1 , and the manufacturers of the model are not allowed to produce the car in that colour for anyone else , or release it themselves as a regular release.
The packaging is also much nicer and better presented .

As time progresses they do become rarer and thus harder to find / more expensive . One in question is the UT Porsche Boxster and Boxster S .
You can find regular colours anywhere , but the dealer editions only came in Blue (Boxster) and Guards red (Boxster S) and it took me almost 2 years to get them as they have been long since discontinued.

Personally , I would always buy the Dealer edition where possible as it gives you that little bit of exclusivity over what would otherwise be just a run of the mill model . Yes they are margianally more expensive , but in my opinion , they are woth it.

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whta im not undesrtand; why they need to produce a "dealer" & a "regular" version? when i couldnt find the dealer version in my country, what should i do? lickin the pics of dealer editions pics on Monitor? :tongue :tongue :ranting
Try to get it from the internet, that is what I have to do for most of my diecasts now.
The dealer versions were made to be sold in the showrooms of the car dealers .

Have you tried visiting a Porsche / BMW / Mercedes dealership ?

If not , check the dealer websites , most models are available online and can be delivered .
Color , details (not always), packing and price :confused
For example
As far as Kyosho dealer edition BMWs go, thet are often less detailed than the regular releases.
For instance, most of (if not all) the dealer edition BMW 7ers don't have a moving rear centre armrest, whereas the regular or hobby shop versions do.
Dealer edtions are also considered to be more desirable, I don't know why, they just are.

I purchased a dealer edition Porsche 911 Turbo Cabrio and when it arrived, it was exactly identical to regular edition version I had with the exception of the packaging, color and PRICE. :badidea

Thats how I learned of the difference between "regular" and "dealer edition" models.
Right, jsut wanted to add to what Jim said, the dealer Mercedes models by Kyosho are cheaper, but it has much less details, unless you go for the premium version, which has more details, but it costs 99 euro.
haha, I wanted to know the difference as well. But isn't having dealer editions kind of cheating in Minichamp's case? Let me explain

I've bought a few Minichamps 1:43 scale models, and each of them has the # of pieces produced for that colour. Now, with the dealer editions, it screws up this # because there is not # of pieces produced info on the dealer editions!

So technically Minichamps has made more than the 2000 or whatever # of that colour model. Cheaters they are :p

I'm going to walk into a BMW dealer tomorrow and see if they have the art car in stock there. According to their site (Canada), they have it in stock. The art cars are harder to find, right?
Hard to find, expensive and some are very nice. If you can, check out Alexander Calder's CSL (was in Le Mans). Beautiful!
hey hey, that's the one I found on the bmw.ca site! The Alexander Calder art car!
It's quite expensive though, $198.50CDN, which is around... 159USD! Doesn't ebay have them cheaper than that?
I think you might find it for about $120 t0 140 on eBay.
cool, thx for the headsup.

They also list the V12 art car on the site. Same price. I'll see what I find tomorrow.
how should i know if its dealer or regular, is there a mark on its box as "dealer edition" or what?
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