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What's better: acrylic or enamel paint?

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Which one is thinner and easier to apply smoothly? I have a model where the water-transfer decal is chipped and I want to painting over it and I need something that's not going to attack the decal. Is there another kind of paint that would be more suitable? Thanks.
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I'm no expert, but maybe I can give you a little input.

Both of these paints are going to be thick, for a lack of a better word.

If your doing spot painting, it shouldn't matter too much as you can apply evenly as needed.

sounds like your painting over a small area, if this is the case lay your coat of paints, then use some fine grit sand paper to smooth it down to match the rest of the surface. That may be the toughest part as you may have to shoot the entire car with a clear coat to even out the look.

If you have pics of the area, that may yield a better idea of the area of painting in question.
Thanks. It's a tiny area of the decal that have peeled away and I just want to fill it in. It's white so I might try liquid paper white-out. I have to be careful and not use any type of paint that will be harmful to the decal itself.
I'd advise against using liquid paper because it is likely to get dirty and darken over time. Acrylic paints tend to adhere better to plastics than enamel paints and require fewer coats. They also ten to have less of a shine than enamel paints.
You're quite right castrol. Forgot about that. They tend to crack over time as well. I'm going to try acrylic on an old diecast and see what happens. :cheers
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